New Products for the Imaging Industry

New Version of fDAD from Neurognostics

Neurognostics Inc, Milwaukee, has released version 2.0 of its Functional Data Acquisition Device (fDAD). The latest version incorporates new features and improvements that add functionality to the original software platform, including an easy-to-use fMRI application tool, which accommodates a variety of functional imaging backgrounds and uses a step-by-step process to standardize the acquisition of fMRI data. The new version of fDAD also features the ability to incorporate an assortment of customized visual stimulation choices, and easily integrates into existing MRI room environments and standardizes the process of acquiring fMRI data. In addition to workflow enhancements, it also incorporates numerous block and event-related tasks that add to the Neurognostics library of stimulation paradigms.

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MR Table Pads from Patient Comfort Systems

New from Patient Comfort Systems Inc, Hayward, Calif, are MRI table pad and patient positioning sets designed for stereotactic breast biopsies. The pads contain open cell foam with viscoelastic properties that provide advanced pressure management; traditional pads generate regions of high pressure that direct blood flow away from certain areas of the body, causing discomfort. Patient Comfort’s new pads are designed to reduce movement during critical exam times; during stereotactic biopsies, this increased level of comfort may also enable faster and more accurate targeting of sample tissue. The modular design of the kit offers a high level of flexibility when positioning patients for biopsy. In addition to minimizing exam retakes, the pad sets also reduce some incidental costs by eliminating the need for gel and disposable patient pads, and contain a permanent antimicrobial agent to reduce the threat of infection during exams.

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Point-of-Care Blood Analyzer from E-Z-EM

A new blood analyzer from E-Z-EM Inc, Lake Success, NY, is a point-of-care device for conducting blood assays in patients prior to certain imaging procedures. EZ CHEM can perform a simple test for assessing kidney function within the imaging suite, producing results in as little as 30 seconds; it analyzes a finger-prick sample of blood for levels of creatinine, an important indicator of a patient’s renal function that often needs to be assessed before IV contrast agents can be administered. Currently, such blood tests must be sent to a lab before a patient can undergo a contrast-enhanced CT or MR procedure. Performing the test instantly at the point of care enables faster throughput, while facilitating screening for patients with renal insufficiency, an issue that has come into focus since the association of certain contrast agents with nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF).

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Pressure-Rated Extension Set from MEDRAD

On August 30, MEDRAD Inc, Warrendale, Pa, released its new PRES Pressure-Rated Extension Set, the only extension set rated for CT power injection and specifically approved for MEDRAD CT contrast injection systems. PRES reduces the risk of disposable extension set rupture during powered injection of contrast agent or saline when using MEDRAD’s CT injection systems, like the Stellant CT Injection system. These ruptures can contaminate the scan room and personnel with blood and contrast media and require replacement of IV catheters; using PRES allows clinicians to follow an FDA recommendation stating that only vascular access devices designed to tolerate high pressure should be used. MEDRAD also introduced a set of custom adhesive tape strips designed to help clinicians use PRES quickly and easily. They secure the catheter and pressure-rated extension set to the patient and can secure a bandage at the end of the procedure.

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