The people have spoken. In the 11th annual Medical Imaging Readers’ Choice Awards, our readers have voiced their opinions on who is providing unbeatable equipment, software, and services to the health care industry.

Due to last year’s positive response, we once again divided vendors into three categories:

1) Manufacturer (146 companies listed)
2) Accessories, Supplies, and Service (121 companies listed)
3) Dealer/Distributor and Remanufacturer/Rebuilder (73 companies listed)

Ballots were e-mailed to more than 10,500 readers, and votes were taken between September 25 and October 23. About 500 people responded, giving the survey a response rate of about 5%. This is an indication that even in today’s busy world, exceptional service and products can inspire customers to take time from their day to show their appreciation.

Some of the names in each category are familiar; others might be completely new to you. For all vendors involved, being named among the best by Medical Imaging’s readers means they’re doing things right. The vendors awarded know that with so many choices in today’s increasingly crowded health care market, netting accolades from their customers—your peers—is a stamp of approval that must be earned.

Did your favorite make the cut? Did your company hit the top 10 in one (or more) categories? This year’s winners are detailed below—our congratulations to all of them!


1) Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc
(888) 826-9702
• #2 in 2005; #1 in 2004

Medical Imaging Editor Andi Lucas congratulates Heinrich Kolem, PhD, president of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, on the company’s first-place sweep and presents Kolem with the #1 Manufacturer award.

Simply put, Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc, Malvern, Pa, is back on top, earning 21% of the top 10 votes. For the past few years, the company has toggled for the number one spot—but it’s a place Siemens Medical is willing to fight for. “The readers of Medical Imaging represent our customers who count on Siemens products to help them improve the quality of care they deliver,” says Heinrich Kolem, PhD, president of Siemens Medical Solutions USA. “Being chosen by the readers as one of the best is a great honor for us, because it provides validation of our strategy to be a true partner to our customers when building solutions for the health care industry.”

Kolem attributes the company’s success to the close relationships it fosters with customers, in which listening to and anticipating their needs is a top priority. With a history that goes back more than 125 years, Siemens Medical provides medical devices, information technology, and services to streamline workflow. The company continues to be committed to research and development as well. “Ninety percent of our sales are for products that are less than 3 years old,” Kolem notes, “and we invest more than 9% of our annual revenues on R&D to uncover tomorrow’s great discoveries.”

2) GE Healthcare
(800) 886-0815
• #1 in 2005; #2 in 2004

Mark Vachon, president and CEO of GE Healthcare’s diagnostic imaging business, is presented with the second-place Manufacturer award by Medical Imaging Editor Andi Lucas.

With 16.1% of the top 10 votes, GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, maintains its firm footing at the top of the list. Mark Vachon, president and CEO of GE Healthcare’s diagnostic imaging business, believes this is a direct result of the company’s focus on what is important to its customers: workflow, connectivity, and ease of use. “The men and women of GE Healthcare have an exceptional commercial focus, a passion for health care, and a keen sense of customer needs,” Vachon says. “We are proud to be recognized as one of the best manufacturers in the industry. Our manufacturing success stands out because it is global, integrated, and poised for growth.”

Consistently introducing technologies designed to better serve its customers and deliver on the promise of re-imagining health care, GE Healthcare’s diagnostic imaging business is focused on earlier diagnosis, presymptomatic disease detection, and disease prevention. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies that are shaping a new age of patient care.

3) Philips Medical Systems
(800) 934-7372
• #3 in 2005; #4 in 2004

Brent Shafer, executive VP and CEO of North America for Philips Medical Systems, accepts the third-place Manufacturer award from Medical Imaging Editor Andi Lucas.

“Philips is truly appreciative and takes great pride in knowing that Medical Imaging readers have realized success with Philips products and have taken the time to voice their confidence in us,” says John Desch, vice president of marketing at Philips Medical Systems, Andover, Mass. Philips Medical was only seven ballots behind GE Healthcare, netting 15.3% of the top 10 votes. The company not only values customer feedback—Philips Medical actively seeks it. “We feel that Philips’ success starts with listening to customers and truly grasping their wants and needs,” Desch says.

With a product portfolio spanning cardiac and monitoring systems, digital imaging systems, health care IT, and ultrasound, Philips Medical is committed to developing products and technologies that improve care and allow clinicians to focus on their patients. The company aims for solutions that are advanced, are easy to use, and are designed around users. “For us,” Desch says, “simplicity means providing products and services that allow our customers to intently focus on the patient throughout the entire cycle of care.”

4) Kodak’s Health Group
(800) 328-2910
• #4 in 2005; #3 in 2004

“Customers know that Kodak has amassed extensive expertise in every link of the imaging and information chain,” says Kathy Koch, chief marketing officer at Kodak’s Health Group, Rochester, NY. “From the acquisition of medical images to their processing, printing, visualization, storage, and distribution, we are very proud of the reputation we have earned.”


  1. Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc
  2. GE Healthcare
  3. Philips Medical Systems
  4. Kodak?s Health Group
  5. MEDRAD Inc
  6. InfiMed Inc
  7. Toshiba America Medical Systems
  8. Hologic Inc (tie)
    FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA (tie)
  9. Agfa HealthCare
  10. Siemens Display Technologies
  11. Varian Medical Systems
  12. Cardinal Health
  13. Vital Images Inc
  14. Bracco Diagnostics (tie)
    Fluke Biomedical (tie)
  15. Dunlee (tie)
    Mallinckrodt, a division of Tyco
    Healthcare (tie)
  16. Hewlett-Packard
  17. E-Z-EM Inc
  18. Berlex Laboratories Inc (tie)
    R2 Technology Inc, a Hologic Co (tie)
  19. Bristol-Myers Squibb Medical Imaging
  20. Boston Scientific (tie)
    Codonics (tie)
    Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA Inc (tie)

With 2005 revenues of $2.65 billion, Kodak’s Health Group is dedicated to delivering innovative medical imaging and information products that help health care providers solve the problems they face every day. The company supplies medical and dental professionals with advanced health care products, services, and information technology solutions. The division also provides consulting services, along with an extensive portfolio that includes numerous systems in multiple modalities.

• #5 in 2005; #5 in 2004

It’s been said that people are judged by the company they keep—and it couldn’t be more true as far as MEDRAD is concerned. “We are fortunate, once again, to be in the company of some of the most respected companies in our industry,” says John Tedeschi, senior vice president of global sales and service at MEDRAD Inc, Indianola, Pa. “MEDRAD is committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers, so the fact that customers gave us this recognition is very meaningful.”

The company remains successful by generating high-quality, reliable products for a variety of uses. MEDRAD produces a comprehensive line of vascular injection systems, MR surface coils, patient care products, and equipment services. The medical devices and services manufacturer’s total 2005 revenues were $411 million.

6) InfiMed Inc
(315) 453-4545
• #10 in 2005; #14 in 2004

Moving toward the list’s pinnacle in leaps and bounds, InfiMed Inc, Liverpool, NY, sets itself apart with unique business models that rely on a flexible product architecture. “This has allowed us the versatility in delivering various forms of value-added solutions that are a fit with our customers’ business models,” says John Marshall, InfiMed’s director of sales and marketing. “Whether it’s a customized software development, an interface for static or dynamic flat-panel detectors, or the evolution of our CCD camera systems, we are always engineering with an eye on the future.”

Meeting the specific needs of a variety of customers is made possible with a dedicated team. Hearing that they are doing the job right is music to Marshall’s ears. “Our customers are extremely important to us, and we have some of the best customers anyone could ask for,” he says. “This recognition is such an honor because it really validates the time and effort that InfiMed has put in over the years to enhance the value of our products and expand our business globally.” That business includes digital medical acquisition, image processing, and sensor solutions employed in cardiac catheterization labs, x-ray departments, imaging centers, and trauma centers worldwide.

7) Toshiba America Medical Systems
(800) 421-1968
• #6 in 2005; #10 in 2004


“Developing long-term, customer-focused relationships is a major objective of this company, and we feel that this recognition validates our focus on and success in achieving that objective.” ?Lawrence Dentice
Toshiba America Medical Systems

The end may justify the means for some, but for Toshiba America Medical Systems, Tustin, Calif—the means is the most important thing. “We don’t focus as much on the image as we do on delivering on the performance which results in that image,” says Lawrence Dentice, general manager and senior vice president of Toshiba Medical. “We are committed to delivering on our promises with the capabilities that our customers expect. If you achieve that, the recognition will follow.”

A devotion to understanding and meeting the needs of its clients is fundamental to the company’s success. “Developing long-term, customer-focused relationships is a major objective of this company, and we feel that this recognition validates our focus on and success in achieving that objective,” Dentice says. “This is a huge honor for Toshiba America Medical Systems, and we really appreciate the recognition provided by the readers of Medical Imaging.”

8) Hologic Inc (tie)
(800) 343-9729
• #8 in 2005; #8 in 2004

Women can breathe a little easier, thanks to the work of Hologic Inc, Bedford, Mass, whose core business units are focused on mammography and breast biopsy. The company also is dedicated to osteoporosis assessment and mini C-arm and extremity MRI imaging for orthopedic applications. “Hologic is continuing to lead the way in developing and bringing to [market] women’s imaging and skeletal-health products that help patients enjoy longer and healthier lives,” says Jack Cumming, chairman and CEO of Hologic. “Nothing is more important than for us to remain dedicated to the principle of applying highly sophisticated technology to medical-imaging challenges.”

In 2006, Hologic acquired two companies: Suros Surgical and R2 Technology. The Suros Surgical line of products includes percutaneous, automatic vacuum-assisted breast biopsy systems; ancillary breast biopsy devices; and biopsy site markers. R2 pioneered the use of CAD for mammography. “Hologic,” Cumming says, “is a company of more than 1,000 individuals from varying backgrounds sharing a common vision—the desire to extend women’s lives through the development of technologically superior diagnostic imaging and intervention systems that will facilitate the early detection and treatment of breast cancer and osteoporosis.”

8) FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc (tie)
(800) 431-1850
• #7 in 2005; #7 in 2004

“We are honored to be recognized by the readers of Medical Imaging, as they are precisely the target audience for which our technology is made,” says Clay Larsen, vice president of marketing and network business development at FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc, Stamford, Conn. “This is affirmation that our products and services are meeting the needs of radiologists, technologists, and administrators who are using them, and should instill confidence in our customers that they have made the right choice by investing in Fuji as their digital imaging partner.”

A leading provider of diagnostic imaging products and network systems that meet the needs of health care facilities both today and in the future, Fuji’s family of products include PACS, CR, DR, full-field digital mammography, dry images, and conventional x-ray film and equipment. This past summer, Fuji received the much-anticipated FDA approval of the first US CR-based mammography system.

9) Agfa HealthCare
(800) 331-4466
• #5 in 2005; #6 in 2004

“We are honored to be chosen as one of the top vendors by Medical Imaging’s readers—the very customers to whom we are focused to deliver the best possible health care IT and imaging solutions,” says Bob Pryor, president of Agfa HealthCare Americas, Greenville, SC. “This validates that Agfa HealthCare’s strategies are providing the industry with the solutions they need.” For Agfa, that plan of attack means ensuring that the company’s solutions are implemented with customers in a manner that improves both efficiency and effectiveness.

Agfa provides a fully integrated PACS, RIS, reporting, orthopedic, women’s care, and cardiology solution along with a clinical dashboard supporting the hospital enterprise and outreach to referring physicians. “What matters most is the day-to-day delivery of solutions and services that helps our customers achieve better efficiency and effectiveness in their service to patients,” he adds. “We intend to remain vigilant in this regard.” Agfa HealthCare offers robust clinical solutions in 40 countries and has agents in another 100 countries throughout the world.

10) Siemens Display Technologies
(303) 485-1558
• #13 in 2005; #9 in 2004

With more than 40 years of experience with design, engineering, and manufacturing of medical monitors, Siemens Display Technologies, Longmont, Colo, believes the details make the difference in diagnostic decisions. “They certainly make the difference in producing the most innovative medical-grade LCDs,” says Christine M. Seymour, US business unit manager at Siemens Display. “Our commitment to open standards for displays, allowing our customers to use almost any off-the-shelf graphics board they choose, creates flexibility that is inline with an interoperable imaging informatics world.”

Siemens Display remains driven by image quality, cost of ownership, innovation, and support. The company is always looking for more innovative solutions for those who use LCDs on a daily basis in radiology, oncology, medical physics, and IT/PACS. “We are a strategic business unit in the larger industrial environment of Siemens Automation and Drives. Being small within that large organization has its advantages,” Seymour says. “We will continue to leverage those advantages to deliver tangible benefit to medical imaging and health care.

Accessories, Supplies, and Service

1) Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc
(888) 826-9702
• #3 in 2005; no placement in 2004

Medical Imaging Editor Andi Lucas presents Heinrich Kolem, PhD, president of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, with the first-place award for Accessories, Supplies, and Service.

This type of recognition from its customers is vitally important to the team at Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Malvern, Pa, who secured 21.9% of the top 10 votes, moving up two notches to take this year’s top spot. “We like to call it ?from the customer, to the customer,’ which basically means that we listen carefully to the needs and challenges of our customers in order to create total solutions that address those needs,” says Heinrich Kolem, PhD, president of Siemens Medical Solutions USA. “Siemens Medical sets itself apart by being a total solutions partner that provides everything our customers need to realize improved clinical workflow.”

For more than a century, Siemens Medical has worked to be a one-stop shop that can meet the needs of its client base. The company continues to be committed to helping health care professionals achieve tangible, sustainable clinical and financial outcomes to ultimately improve the health and satisfaction of their patients.

2) GE Healthcare
(800) 886-0815
• #2 in 2005; #2 in 2004

Mark Vachon, president and CEO of GE Healthcare’s diagnostic imaging business, accepts the second-place award for Accessories, Supplies, and Service from Medical Imaging Editor Andi Lucas..

Standing strong in second place with 19.6% of the top 10 votes, GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, continues to produce solutions that help clinicians predict, diagnose, and treat disease, so that patients can live their lives to the fullest. “It is an honor to once again be judged one of the top providers of accessories, supplies, and services,” says Mark Vachon, president and CEO of GE Healthcare’s diagnostic imaging business. “What makes the Medical Imaging recognition so meaningful is the fact that physicians, technologists, and administrators are putting their trust not only in the equipment we manufacture today, but also in our future technologies.”

GE Healthcare is a $15 billion unit of General Electric Co. Its more than 43,000 employees serve health care professionals and their patients in more than 100 countries. The company touches many areas of medicine, including medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient-monitoring systems, drug discovery, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

3) Kodak’s Health Group
(800) 328-2910
• #1 in 2005; #1 in 2004

Kevin J. Hobert, president of Kodak’s Health Group, is presented with the third-place award for Accessories, Supplies, and Service by Medical Imaging Editor Andi Lucas.

The secret of success for the Health Group just might be its flexibility. “We are big enough to provide the resources and stability that health care providers seek; yet, we’re small enough to work collaboratively and effectively with each unique customer,” says Kathy Koch, chief marketing officer of Kodak’s Health Group, Rochester, NY. “We have powerful solutions to real-world customer problems.”

In addition to a broad portfolio of imaging products, the Health Group also provides consulting services designed to help deliver improved productivity, revenue gains, and reduced waste when implementing new digital imaging technologies. “Customers turn to us as a trusted resource,” Koch adds, “and trust is a critical attribute for doing business in this market.”

(800) MEDRAD1
• #4 in 2005; #5 in 2004

Providing medical devices and services that enable and enhance medical imaging procedures, MEDRAD’s sights are set on those who use the company’s solution to care for patients. “We work to understand and anticipate the needs of our customers,” says John Tedeschi, senior vice president of global sales and service at MEDRAD Inc, Indianola, Pa. “We also must continue to attract, develop, and retain talented employees who can provide innovative products and services to an ever-evolving marketplace.”

Accessories, Supplies, and Service

  1. Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc
  2. GE Healthcare
  3. Kodak?s Health Group
  4. MEDRAD Inc
  5. Philips Medical Systems, Global PACS Business Unit
  6. DMS Health Group
  7. FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA
  8. Varian Medical Systems
  9. Berlex Laboratories Inc
  10. DITEC Inc (tie)
    S&S X-Ray Products/S&S RADX (tie)
  11. ECRI (tie)
    GE Healthcare Financial Services (tie)
  12. Fluke Biomedical, Radiation
    Management Services (tie)
    Alliance Imaging Inc (tie)
    Vital Images Inc (tie)
  13. Huestis Medical
  14. Sony Medical Systems (tie)
    PACSGEAR (tie)
    NightHawk Radiology Services (tie)
  15. Blue Ridge Medical Imaging Inc
  16. ARAMARK Service Master Facility Services
  17. Sonora Medical Systems
  18. Data Distributing Co LLC (tie)
    Ampronix – Imaging Technology (tie)
    CIVCO Medical Solutions (tie)
  19. Insight Health Corp (tie)
    Richardson Electronics (tie)
    North American Imaging Inc (tie)
  20. Monster (tie)
    Medical Imaging Resources Inc (tie)
    DatCard Systems Inc (tie)
    Delta Medical Systems Inc (tie)
    Camtronics Medical Systems (tie)

Serving clients around the globe, MEDRAD’s comprehensive list of product offerings includes vascular injection systems, MR surface coils, and patient care products, along with equipment services. The company received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2003.

5) Philips Medical Systems, Global PACS Business Unit (formerly Stentor Inc)
(877) 318-1808
• #5 in 2005 (first time placing)

Providing quality services and support and doing right by the customer is a philosophy that works for the Global PACS Business Unit of Philips Medical Systems, Brisbane, Calif, securing its spot in the top 10. “As a fee-per-study PACS provider, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service. We aim to improve peoples’ lives throughout the patient care cycle by enabling more effective and efficient care, resulting in improved outcomes,” says Matt Long, vice president of Philips Medical Systems’ Healthcare Informatics, global sales and service North America. “It is very important to the Philips Healthcare Informatics organization to have been ranked in the top 10 as a provider of accessories, supplies, and service.”

The enterprise-wide medical image and information management system produced by Philips Healthcare Informatics delivers on-demand diagnostic-quality images over existing hospital networks, advanced radiology reading stations for radiologists, and “always online” long-term storage. Long adds, “By providing quality services and support, and doing right by the customer, we strive to remain at the top.”

6) DMS Health Group
(800) 437-4628
• #7 in 2005; #6 in 2004

Moving back into the number six slot, the DMS Health Group, Fargo, ND, provides its clients with health care solutions at facilities throughout the United States. Treating each of these locations like it’s a one-of-a-kind has helped the company distinguish itself from the competition. “Quality and customer service are two founding principles developed more than 30 years ago that today give us our greatest advantage in the marketplace,” says Paul Wilson, CEO of DMS Health Group, noting that hiring employees who are committed and unyielding in their pursuit for quality is essential. “The experience, compassion, and commitment that are continually displayed set us apart as we provide our products and services.”

The company has gone so far as to measure, evaluate, and improve the delivery of customer service from their employees. “We believe customer service cannot be a goal; it has to be part of an organization’s DNA and woven into the fabric of an organizational culture,” Wilson says. The DMS Health Group provides imaging and patient monitoring solutions, along with equipment service, mobile services, interim/rental systems, fixed-site imaging, and portable imaging. DMS Health Group is an operating company of Otter Tail Corp.

7) FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc
(800) 431-1850
• #13 in 2005; #7 in 2004


“We understand the varied and diverse needs of the entire medical-imaging marketplace?from the small office practice to the imaging center to the large academic medical center.” ?Clay Larsen, FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc

FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc, Stamford, Conn, has been working for more than 20 years to maintain a leadership position in the imaging field, according to Clay Larsen, vice president of marketing and network business development at Fuji. “It’s our commitment to our customers, and to continually providing innovations in products and services, that has helped us stay on top,” he says. “As the industry continues to change, Fuji prides itself on anticipating the change and bringing to market the most advanced technology available to meet customer needs and improve patient care.”

All of Fuji’s products are tailored to suit many different applications for a variety of imaging environments. “We understand the varied and diverse needs of the entire medical-imaging marketplace—from the small office practice to the imaging center to the large academic medical center,” Larsen says. FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA is one of the FUJIFILM family of companies with 70 years of imaging experience and almost $25 billion in sales.

8) Varian Medical Systems
(650) 493-4000
• #10 in 2005; #8 in 2004

“Our aim is to provide unsurpassed support so that our customers’ clinical teams around the world can focus on patient care,” says Kolleen Kennedy, vice president of customer support services at Varian Medical Systems, Palo Alto, Calif. “The recognition from Medical Imaging readers is one indicator that we are performing well in this area.” Varian Medical’s customer support services help set the company apart. Approximately 1,500 Varian Medical employees are dedicated to tending to the needs of their customers. “We never rest on our laurels. We know that no matter how much we achieve, there is always something we can improve to make it even easier for our customers,” Kennedy says. “We plan to continue launching new and innovative ways of providing customer support services.”

In addition to manufacturing medical technology for treatments delivered with radiotherapy, brachytherapy, and radiosurgery, Varian Medical is a supplier of x-ray tubes and digital image detectors.

9) Berlex Laboratories Inc
(888) BERLEX4
• #11 in 2005; no placement in 2004

Making it into last year’s top 20 was just the start for Berlex Laboratories Inc, Wayne, NJ, which offers a portfolio of innovative MR and CT contrast media. “This recognition is a terrific commendation of our Medical Affairs and field sales staff, who are in contact with our customers every day, providing quality products and customer support, as well as the rest of the Berlex team who support them,” says Bob Milos, vice president and general manager of diagnostic imaging at Berlex. “Customers value Berlex products because our commitment to quality, safety, and efficacy enhances our users’ confidence and convenience.”

Berlex started more than 75 years ago, when its parent company became a contrast media manufacturer. The company partners with other leaders in the radiology community to help health care professionals stay on the cutting edge of clinical advances through the support of ongoing research and educational programs.

10) DITEC Inc (tie)
(440) 519-1555
• #11 in 2005; #9 in 2004

DITEC Inc, Solon, Ohio, provides biomedical and diagnostic imaging equipment service training and support with a staff of certified radiology equipment specialist (CRES)-certified instructors. The company’s reputation for the highest-quality training in the industry is represented by upward momentum in Medical Imaging’s Readers’ Choice awards. “There is no higher honor than to be recognized by industry professionals as a provider of quality services,” says DITEC President Manny Roman, CRES. “It is an affirmation of our dedication and commitment to quality in all we do.”

DITEC’s motto of “a commitment to quality in all we do” is demonstrated by the extra efforts staff members make to bolster their customers’ success. “We ensure to deliver on our promises and always have the success of our customers at the forefront of our efforts,” Roman says. The company also supports local, regional, and national associations with presentations and financial help.

10) S&S X-Ray Products/S&S RADX (tie)
(800) 231-1747
• first time placing

Making its debut in the Readers’ Choice Awards is enough to make any company proud. For almost 60 years, S&S X-Ray, Houston, has worked to increase efficiency in the diagnostic radiology reading room. “It is important for our company to be recognized by Medical Imaging readers due to the prestige that accompanies such an award,” says Donald Thurston, national sales manager of radiology products at S&S. “It makes an important statement to the value of our products within the marketplace and our continuous commitment to provide quality and innovative products.”

Founded in 1947, S&S X-Ray Products produces motorized viewers, illuminators, and radiology accessories. In recent years, the company introduced several new innovative products, such as a mobile PACS cart for viewing PACS images in surgery. S&S adheres to strict Good Manufacturing Standards for all of its products.

Dealer, Distributor, Remanufacturer, and Rebuilder

1) Varian Medical Systems/Interay
(800) 468-3729
• #2 in 2005; #1 in 2004

Medical Imaging Editor Andi Lucas presents Robert Hibdon, vice president and general manager of Varian Interay, with the #1 Dealer/Distributor and Remanufacturer/Rebuilder award.

A commitment to providing quality diagnostic x-ray and CT tubes—not to mention 12.3% of the top 10 votes—has helped Varian Interay, North Charleston, SC, regain the top spot. The company vows to work diligently to invest in new products and applications and to maintain a quality manufacturing system. “We commit substantial funds to new product development and continuously strive to support our customers in the industry. This experience, coupled with the technical know-how of a world-class manufacturing organization, has been well received by Medical Imaging’s reader base,” says Robert Hibdon, vice president and general manager of Varian Interay. “Our customers are Medical Imaging readers, and to be selected by them for this award means that we are recognized by our customers as successful in our mission.”

During the past 2 decades Varian Interay, a wholly owned subsidiary of Varian Medical Systems, has worked to provide a quality x-ray products, enabling its customers to run their businesses in a more efficient, productive, competitive, and profitable manner. The company’s products are manufactured under an ISO 9002 quality system and are available from manufacturing locations in the United States and Europe.

2) SourceOne Healthcare Technologies Inc, a division of Merry X-Ray Corp
(440) 701-1200
• #1 in 2005 (first time placing)

A team from Merry X-Ray Corp accepts the #2 Dealer/Distributor and Remanufacturer/Rebuilder award for SourceOne Healthcare Technologies Inc, a division of Merry X-Ray Corp. From left are Vice President Ron Wyrick, Vice President Ted Sloan, President Larry Lawson, Medical Imaging Editor Andi Lucas, and Corporate Director of Imaging Jeff Root.

After a year of changes and integration of two organizations, the team at SourceOne Healthcare Technologies Inc, Mentor, Ohio—a division of Merry X-Ray Corp, San Diego—is delighted to find itself just two votes away from the top spot. “We are honored to be selected as one of the top companies recognized by Medical Imaging and our customers for this award,” says Alan C Lewin, vice president of Merry X-Ray. “We appreciate our customers’ understanding and patience while continuing to support us over the past 12 months.” Despite any tumult that has taken place since last November, when Merry X-Ray acquired SourceOne, Lewin credits the staff’s caring attitude and personal approach with the company’s continued success.

Since 1958, Merry X-Ray has built a list of 38 branch offices across the country. The acquisition of SourceOne has allowed Merry X-Ray to serve all 50 states. The service organization provides customer service and support for a variety of products, including PC workstations and servers, CR, DR, film digitizers, PACS software, and TCP/IP networking. SourceOne strives to represent as many vendors as possible, in an effort to always have the product that customers need. As technology has evolved, the company has developed a comprehensive product portfolio geared toward electronic imaging.

3) DMS Health Group
(800) 437-4628
• #3 in 2005; #2 in 2004

Medical Imaging Editor Andi Lucas presents Paul Wilson, CEO of DMS Health Group, with the #3 Dealer/Distributor and Remanufacturer/Rebuilder award.

In the closest count of all three categories, only five votes stand between DMS Health Group, Fargo, ND, and being named number one. The company’s mission helps solidify its standing as one of the best in the business. “Our vision statement pushes us to be a source or business advantage to our customers. The difference between the DMS Health Group and our competitors is our employees and our commitment to customer service,” says Paul Wilson, CEO of DMS Health Group. “Decisions revolve around our customers and the values of the DMS Health Group. We believe in accountability, compassion, customer service, ethical behavior, excellence, and stewardship.”

The mission of the DMS Health Group is to make a difference in the lives of people, according to Wilson. In addition to imaging and patient-monitoring products, the company provides equipment and mobile services, interim/rental systems, and fixed-site imaging. The DMS Health Group is an operating company of Otter Tail Corp.

4) PartsSource
(877) 497-6412
• first time placing

What’s better than being named as one of the reader’s picks for the first time? Making it into the top five. “Because Medical Imaging is the leading trade magazine in the imaging field, this speaks directly to our ability to deliver the value proposition of low-cost, high-quality replacement parts on a consistent basis to our customers,” says A. Ray Dalton, president and CEO of PartsSource, Twinsburg, Ohio. “With one call, our customers can receive many different choices in 2 hours or less and know that the quality and price of the part they receive will be the best—guaranteed. This recognition is an encouragement to our employees who work diligently every day to exceed the customer’s expectations.”

Dealer, Distributor, Remanufacturer, and Rebuilder

  1. Varian Medical Systems/Interay
  2. SourceOne Healthcare Technologies Inc, a division of Merry X-Ray Corp
  3. DMS Health Group
  4. PartsSource
  5. ReMedPar
  6. Dunlee
  7. Huestis Medical Cassling Diagnostic Imaging
  8. Rochester Cassette Repair Center
  9. Sonora Medical Systems (tie)
    Blue Ridge Medical Imaging Inc (tie)
  10. Bulbtronics Inc (tie)
    Radiology OneSource (tie)
  11. SENCOR (tie)
    Delta Medical Systems Inc (tie)
  12. Camtronics Medical Systems (tie)
    GE Walker Inc (tie)
  13. Del Medical Systems Group (tie)
    Quest International Inc (tie)
    Specialty Bulb Co Inc (tie)
  14. Mobile X-Ray Solutions Inc
  15. Medical Imaging Solutions (MIS)
  16. Medical Imaging Resources Inc (tie)
    Rorke Data (tie)
  17. Ohio Valley Imaging Solutions (tie)
    First Source (tie)
    Biomedical Equipment Corp (tie)
    Ampronix – Imaging Technology (tie)
    Associated X-Ray Imaging Corp (tie)
  18. B E S T (tie)
    2D Imaging Inc (tie)
    Imaging Resources (tie)
    Midwest Imaging (tie)
    King?s Medical Parts Resource Center (tie)
    X-Ray Sales Service Co (tie)
  19. Barrington Medical Imaging LLC
  20. BC Group International Inc (tie)
    Acceletronics Inc (tie)
    Alpine Solutions Inc (tie)
    Data Distributing Co LLC (tie)
    Nova Technologies Inc (tie)
    Imaging Affiliates Inc (tie)
    Florida X-Ray Sales (tie)
    US X-Ray Sales (tie)

An internally developed application allows PartsSource to instantly scan more than 6,500 suppliers, along with the company’s own inventory, to find the best solution for health care providers needing to repair medical equipment. The company’s focus is on parts—and only parts. “Unlike other companies who offer parts alongside their primary offerings, PartsSource has proven that by focusing on and investing in our parts acquisition, we deliver more parts more often from the best suppliers available that day,” Dalton explains. The company provides its clients with parts and pricing options on any request for any OEM.

5) ReMedPar
(800) 624-3994
• #3 in 2005; #3 in 2004

Recent expansions at ReMedPar, Goodletts-ville, Tenn, have given the company more than 110,000 square feet to house inventory, quality assurance bays, and certified equipment. This gives the company ample space to provide its customers with access to parts for all major manufacturers of medical-imaging equipment, each of which comes with a 60-day warranty, and 24/7 technical support and customer service. ReMedPar also offers model-specific training.

Making Medical Imaging’s list for the third year in a row is welcome news to the company. “It is more than an honor to be chosen by readers a third time for this award; it also is validation that our commitment to invest in resources to provide around-the-clock technical support, customer service, and training is needed and appreciated by our customers,” says Mark Graham, president and CEO of ReMedPar. “We are encouraged to continue investing in the discipline of our culture around customer support.”

6) Dunlee
(800) 238-3780
• #4 in 2005; #4 in 2004

Once again, Dunlee, Aurora, Ill, has made it to the top 10. The company has been part of the medical-imaging community for 60 years, with a commitment to producing innovative CT, cardiovascular, and x-ray tubes. “Being included in the top 10 comes with hard work and a determination to be the best in the industry,” says David Kuehn, vice president of sales and marketing for Dunlee, a division of Philips Medical Systems. “This award is very important to us; it represents the faith and trust of thoughtful medical professionals who know and work with medical-imaging products every day. We will continue to develop products that meet the needs of today’s highly competitive marketplace.”

Bringing a combined 160 years of innovation to the industry, Dunlee offers a complete range of imaging components, including image intensifiers, camera systems, and collimation devices.

7) Cassling Diagnostic Imaging (tie)
(800) 228-5462
• #13 in 2005 (first time placing)

RC 06

“We have more than 60 field service engineers located throughout our Midwest territory, and our commitment to providing local field service helps differentiate Cassling.” ?Mike Cassling
Cassling Diagnostic Imaging

A big jump in the votes lands Cassling Diagnostic Imaging, Omaha, Neb, solidly among the top 10. “Recognition by Medical Imaging is a credit to the more than 145 employees on the Cassling team. We have more than 60 field service engineers located throughout our Midwest territory, and our commitment to providing local field service helps differentiate Cassling,” says Mike Cassling, president and CEO of Cassling. “Our support team works with customers to help determine their long-term imaging and health care needs. It is a great reminder that our efforts to improve health care in the Midwest are working.”

Founded in 1984, Cassling is a full-line sales/service distributor for Siemens Medical Solutions. Staunch supporters of superior service, Cassling has put training programs and internal communication efforts in place to ensure that customer service is always a top priority for its staff. The company also provides its partners and customers with education and consultation to help improve community health care.

7) Huestis Medical (tie)
(401) 253-5500
• first time placing

“We need to expose our remanufactured diagnostic imaging products to the market to meet the needs of small hospitals and clinics who can’t afford new equipment,” says Paul Cugno, marketing manager of Huestis Medical, Bristol, RI. Clearly, the word is spreading, as the company’s first time placing is in the top 10. “Our detailed engineering, extensive market experience, and ISO 9000-registered quality system for both our manufacturing and remanufacturing processes ensure reliable performance and ongoing quality.”

Huestis remanufactures GE Healthcare AMX portables, OEC C-arms, RFX Systems, and Liebel-Flarsheim Urology Suites. The company works to bring new and reliable products to market for the lowest price possible. Huestis Medical radiotherapy, x-ray collimator, and remanufactured diagnostic imaging systems are distributed worldwide.

8) Rochester Cassette Sales & Service Inc
(800) 528-6311
• first time placing

“I would like to thank Medical Imaging and its readers who have chosen us to receive a Readers’ Choice Award,” says Eric B. Bostley, president of Rochester Cassette Sales & Service Inc, Hilton, NY. “This is truly a compliment to our team for their hard work and continuous drive for excellence.” Rochester Cassette is an x-ray cassette and ID camera repair center serving hospitals, clinics, laboratories, physicians, and industries nationwide. An authorized cassette and ID camera service center for Eastman Kodak Co and Agfa Corp, the company services most major brands of screens, cassettes, grids, and ID cameras.

The company’s client-focused approach has helped separate it from the pack. This year, the company obtained its ISO 9001 certification, and all cassettes and ID cameras are guaranteed to be free from defects for 90 days. “Callers will always be greeted by one of our staff, which people really appreciate these days,” Bostley says. “Our commitment to personal attention and follow-up is why the majority of our business is from repeat customers.”

9) Blue Ridge Medical Imaging Inc (tie)
(800) 782-0003
• first time placing

“We are truly appreciative of the recognition by the readers of Medical Imaging in being selected in the top 10. Our entire organization is very aware that every act of service, no matter how small, may impact a client significantly,” says Deborah Huffman, COO of Blue Ridge Medical Imaging Inc (BRMI), Salem, Va, an independent refurbisher of select preowned Siemens Medical Solutions imaging equipment. Huffman believes the technical expertise of BRMI’s engineering staff, many of whom have more than 20 years of medical imaging experience, helps differentiate the company from its competition. “It is gratifying to know our customers recognize our efforts to provide quality services and that they will call us again when we can be of assistance. We also hope that this recognition will create the opportunity for new client relationships.”

Founded in 1996, BRMI serves a number of areas in the medical industry. In addition to selling and upgrading imaging parts, the company performs equipment relocation and deinstallation. BRMI also maintains a fleet of mobile coaches designed for use on a long- or short-term basis.

9) Sonora Medical Systems (tie)
(888) 476-6672
• #8 in 2005; #14 in 2004

Since its founding in 1996, Sonora Medical Systems, Longmont, Colo, has worked to meet the demanding and varying needs of clinicians, service companies, OEMs, and independent dealers by increasing ultrasound and MRI quality and clinical efficacy. “Sonora Medical Systems has several attributes that help put us in the top 10. We have a large number of very experienced and knowledgeable employees who are dedicated to making a difference and believe in our company mission,” says James D. Carr, vice president of operations and quality at Sonora. “We have a quality system that is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, which makes us unique among independent (non-OEM) ultrasound companies. And we strive to be a company that is easy to work with, listens to our customers, and is innovative.”

Sonora’s products and services are designed to extend the life of medical equipment, improve its efficiency, and reduce the total cost of ownership. By consistently evaluating its processes and procedures, the company hopes to identify and implement improvements that lead to higher customer value and satisfaction.

10) Radiology OneSource (tie)
(615) 577-1723
• #13 in 2005; #6 in 2004

“It is again an honor for us to be recognized by the industry we serve. This reminds us that our business philosophy of fair and reliable service is appreciated by our clients,” says Debbie van der Touw, CEO of Radiology OneSource, Franklin, Tenn. “It is always a wonderful feeling to know that the work we do for our clients is worth the time it takes them to make a public positive statement on our behalf. We will continue to strive for excellence in service to them.”

Radiology OneSource was organized in 1997 as a subsidiary of the parent company, D. Cole Enterprises Inc. The company was founded with the ideal principle of helping health care providers worldwide obtain the systems, parts, support, and accessories they need to give a higher level of care to their patients. Today, the company continues to value small requests as much as large ones. Adds van der Touw, “We remember that we work in an industry that ultimately has an impact on the lives of people in a very real way, and we are serious in our pursuit of quality.”

10) Bulbtronics Inc (tie)
(631) 249-2272
• no placement in 2005; #8 in 2004

Once again on the Readers’ Choice list, Bulbtronics Inc, Farmingdale, NY, is a distributor and a direct marketing company with more than 30 years of experience. “We are constantly reengineering our business model to adopt the latest order entry, shipping, and communication technologies. Our goal is to process orders and ship the same day so that our customers can depend on receiving their lamps and batteries when they need them,” says Bulbtronics Marketing Manager Barbara Kaplan. “We are honored to be chosen as one of the top companies by the readers of Medical Imaging. This honor means that [for] the technicians and buyers in hospitals and related health care facilities, Bulbtronics is their source of choice.”

The company specializes in medical/scientific lamps and batteries for hospitals, imaging and surgi-centers, clinics, and other medical facilities. Bulbtronics’ four warehouses are stocked with 70,000 competitively priced products from more than 150 manufacturers. The company’s recently upgraded online presence gives immediate access to search for and purchase products without having to register.

Dana Hinesly is a contributing writer for Medical Imaging. For more information, contact .