Viztek introduced the Leggera Wireless Panel, expanding the Leggera DR solutions product line to include the 6.1-pound, ISO 4090 wireless panel. The compact panel features storage capacity of 50 images, two removable batteries to maximize productivity and image storage and back-up.

An ISO 4090 cassette that is adopted and used in any sized facility, the Leggera DR can safely store 50 images within the panel. With a charging station that holds up to three batteries, users are able to charge alternate batteries while still using the panel.

The Leggera Wireless Panel also features:
Gyro capability. Time is saved by eliminating the need to configure orientation, that leads to the minimization of error and the need for image re-takes
Passive-trigger technology. Takes any x-ray source and panel will turn on and allow x-ray without any interface between the generator to the panel
Auto-sleep feature. Further preserves the 8-hour battery life

The Leggera DR is FDA approved and currently available for sale. For more information, please click here.