By Elaine Sanchez Wilson

MãDesigned to perform a broad range of exams, the Basic U-Arm from Viztek, Garner, NC, is a new digital x-ray system ideally suited for urgent care, orthopedic, rheumatology, and off-site hospital environments.

According to Bruce Ashby, the company’s general manager, the U-Arm increases accessibility for a variety of patients.

“Whether a patient needs to be standing, sitting or lying, or has physically restrictive movement, the versatile system can accommodate the exam,” he said, explaining that the new system allows for greater range of movement, as compared to the standard straight arm.

With the flexible, floor-to-wall mount-supported system, imaging professionals can do a true cross-table lateral, standing hip and table hip exams, achieving improved workflow. The U-Arm also features a dual-speed, motorized swivel arm for easy, accurate vertical movement.

“The Basic U-Arm provides excellent image quality at lower doses with its 17-inch-by- 17-inch cesium iodide detector,” Ashby continued. “It also offers greater flexibility and improved workflow at an economical price point.”

The system runs on the company’s latest Ultra software platform, which brings advanced capabilities to radiologists and technologists. For example, the platform allows all tasks to be performed on one screen, streamlining workflow and subsequently allowing more time for patient care. It is also customizable; users can preset the controls to capture the necessary views to make a confident diagnosis while spending minimal time re-positioning for each patient x-ray.

“We are hitting a sweet spot with this product that opens up new opportunities for a range of facilities and departments that can now improve workflow and benefit from U-Arm DR imaging,” Ashby said.


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