doctor_infantNiteHawk Pediatric Urgent Care recently became the first facility in the state of Texas to select Viztek’s Ultra Straight Arm DR with Pediatric Imaging Package with dose conscious capabilities.

With the new system, NiteHawk’s Wylie facility will better provide patients with low dose, high quality imaging, while also increasing access to urgent care designed specifically to meet the needs of children.

“At NiteHawk Pediatric Urgent Care, our mission is to provide world class after-hours care to pediatric patients in our kid-friendly environment with our highly skilled team,” said Ben Olsson, medical director, NiteHawk. “Viztek’s precision x-ray equipment allows us to focus on getting our patients the right diagnosis accurately and fast.”

Providing medical care for children up to age 21,  NiteHawk provides various services, including imaging exams for strains, sprains, and fractures, respiratory issues, and gastroenterology problems, as well as other urgent care exams.

“Families in Wylie and the surrounding communities now have access to high quality, reliable after-hours pediatric urgent care, that in many cases, can save them a significant amount of time without having to travel far for quality care,” stated Keyur Sathe, president and chief executive of NiteHawk.

Viztek’s Straight Arm DR system alerts the technologist to take necessary steps to reduce dose to the patient. The solution includes Viztek’s unique Pediatric Imaging Package that is dose conscious and works to align with the goals and recommendations of the American College of Radiology’s Image Gently initiative.