CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution 2015Carestream, of Rochester, N.Y., has earned the top rating in MD Buyline’s Market Intelligence Briefing for the first quarter of 2015 for both portable and room-based DR systems.

The company’s DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System and DRX-Evolution and DRX-Ascend systems were given high marks from customers for system performance, reliability, installation, and service repair quality. The DRX-Revolution was the highest rated portable system, while the the DRX room-based platform tied for the highest rating in the DR room category.

MD Buyline reports for imaging systems are based on user satisfaction ratings such categories as system performance, reliability, installation and implementation, applications training, service response time, and service repair quality.

The report noted that “the DRX-Revolution boasts a unique system design with a collapsible tube column, tube/line visualization software, grid alignment, high kW power capacity, built-in caddies … and other progressive design features.” It also discussed how hospitals are adding Carestream’s small-format DRX 2530C cesium iodide detectors to meet the need for high-resolution imaging in the neonatal intensive care unit, as well as orthopaedic surgery and other applications. “Users praised Carestream’s customer service, troubleshooting, and knowledgeable staff,” the report stated.

MD Buyline also reported that the products added “an increased level of system flexibility and the ability to be more creative when tailoring an X-ray system to a specific site’s needs.” Furthermore, customers indicated that the company’s detectors provide “a flexible solution with both retrofit kits and new systems,” in addition to praising the detectors’ excellent performance and customer satisfaction.

Customers also commended Carestream for its “longstanding reputation for stellar service and support.”

With a small footprint and a long tubehead reach, the DRX-Revolution optimizes imaging for inpatients and critical care areas, providing easy access to patients in rooms crowded with bedside medical equipment.

For more information, visit Carestream.

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