internet_information_highway_usedThe AeroDR wireless flat panel detector from Konica Minolta Medical Imaging, Wayne, NJ, is now compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 140-2, a security standard that is required by the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs healthcare facilities for all wireless communications.

The FIPS 140-2 standard is an information technology security accreditation program for hardware and software solutions used in US government departments and industries, such as VA hospitals, that collect, store, transfer, and disseminate sensitive but unclassified information. The compliance covers the family of AeroDR flat panel detectors and the CS-7 control station.

“With this compliance, VA hospitals can now implement any of our AeroDR wireless flat panel detectors and be assured that any patient data transmitted through our system meets one of the most stringent security standards that exists today,” said Guillermo Sander, senior product manager for digital radiography at Konica Minolta.

AeroDR transmits patient imaging data wirelessly, which can help improve workflow and clinical productivity by enabling near real-time access to patient images. The absence of a cable facilitates patient positioning and makes it ideal for portable X-ray applications.

The first fully functional FIPS 140-2 solution was implemented and tested at a VA facility in Dayton, Ohio.

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