Following Virtual Radiologic’s (vRad) release of its Radiology Patient Care Indices, Frost & Sullivan has recognized the company with its 2014 Award for Visionary Innovation. The Best Practices Awards recognize enterprises that demonstrate outstanding performance in the areas of leadership, innovation, customer service, and strategic product development.

Using data collected from across the teleradiology group’s hospital and ambulatory facility partners in 50 states, vRad created a set of clinical and geographic benchmarks to aid in evaluating the imaging facilities and radiology groups and identifying potential workflow bottlenecks. The company made the dataset freely available to the public on its website.

“The higher visibility into the quality of their services and patient outcomes is more important than ever before for imaging providers,” said Nadim Daher, Frost & Sullivan industry principal. “These insights can help providers uncover best practices that can refine clinical and operational processes, allow for better resource deployment, and drive decisions supported by data rather than conjecture.”

Previously released datasets have focused on the use of computed tomography in the emergency department, as well as the relative value of three distinct radiology shifts across a 24-hour period. According to Frost & Sullivan, the data has the potential to improve quality, lower costs, and decrease patient readmissions.

“Providers that wish to align their internal quality metrics with vRad’s RPC Indices can do so independently or by partnering with vRad by utilizing its analytics solutions,” Daher said. “This represents an opportunity for vRad to evolve as a strategic partner for its radiology group and health system customers, and at the same time to create synergies with its partners by helping them enhance quality, value and performance.”