Virtual Radiologic (vRad), has earned its 15th patent for processes related to its delivery of telemedicine solutions. Patent No. 8,924,233, “Enhanced Multiple Resource Planning and Forecasting,” covers claims for predictive analytics of workflows, including dynamic demand forecasting and capacity planning for telemedicine applications based on historical volume fluctuation patterns.

“The expansion of our patent portfolio highlights vRad’s continued investment in our growing practice and recognition of the growing importance of analytics for patient-centric decision making,” said Shannon Werb, CIO of vRad. “Our priority is ensuring the best patient outcomes in the shortest period of time. For vRad, that means having the right physician capacity for the predicted demand, 24/7. With over 2,000 facilities covered by 500 physicians, vRad demands innovative, custom, and scalable solutions to maximize quality interpretations for our clients and the patients we collectively serve.”

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