Varian Medical Systems, of Palo Alto, Calif., and Still River Systems Inc., of Littleton, Mass., have announced an agreement to develop an interface between Varian’s ARIA Oncology Information System and Still River’s Monarch250 Proton Beam Radiotherapy (PBRT) System.

The FDA has not yet cleared the Monarch250, now in the stages of development, for commercial use in clinical therapy.

Under the deal, Still River Systems will deliver technical assistance to Varian engineers, who will design an interface that allows important "record and verify" functionality across the two systems.

The Monarch250 proton therapy system, with the ARIA interface, will be able to support cancer centers’ existing clinical processes.

According to Varian, any new ARIA interface that integrates "record and verify" functions with new radiotherapy delivery technologies are subject to FDA clearance prior to any clinical deployment.