A new survey of Yale medical students indicates that using medical students for off-hour diagnostic imaging requests at large academic medical centers is perceived by students to be beneficial.

The study “The Educational and Career Impact of Using Medical Students for Triaging Off-Hour Diagnostic Imaging Requests at a Major Academic Medical Center” by Kennedy, Knibutat, DelBasso, et al was published in the April issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR).

The objective of the study was to assess the career impact of 42 Yale University School of Medicine medical students who were used in late night medical imaging triaging requests.

Of the 42 students surveyed, 61.9% (26 students) responded. Of those, 65.4% pursued an additional degree while in the program. Eleven students (42.3%) stated that their participation encouraged them to pursue a career in diagnostic radiology. Nine (34.6%) said that the program had major or moderate importance on their specialty choice. Twenty students (76.9% of respondents) described the program as being of at least moderate help to their medical career.

The students also indicated that money was the most important factor for joining the off-hours team, but also rated working with residents as being very satisfying. 

View the full abstract and study online on the AJR website.

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