CompView Medical, an MIS equipment manager and visualization provider, has adapted its NuBoom system to improve functionality in interventional surgery suites using new composite material technology that allows CVM to cantilever a lead radiation shield and procedure light.

Unlike typical interventional radiology procedure rooms that require extended remodeling and ceiling infrastructure, the NuBoom system streamlines downtime with a 2-day installation process. The system accommodates up to 16 image sources and displays up to 9 images to the radiologist. Four separate 26-inch displays are available for ergonomic positioning.

“Interventional radiology and cardiology departments can strongly benefit from the expeditious implementation of visualization systems. Rather than closing a procedure room for months of remodeling, the NuBoom enables workflow improvements without changes to the room’s structural steel ceiling infrastructure through a convenient retro-fit process,” said Paul White, president of CVM. “The NuBoom enhances portable imaging equipment like mobile C-Arms to make for a new paradigm of affordability and versatility in interventional procedure rooms.”

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