trophy_usedMarket research firm Frost & Sullivan has named Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. as its 2015 North American Medical Imaging Company of the Year.

Providing scalable, upgradable technologies and a patient-focused view of partnerships, the company has modified its approach to the imaging market to one that is more value based. In this way, the company seeks to re-orient many of its imaging customers away from a cyclical sales model and toward deeper, more renewable strategic partnerships.

“Toshiba’s move toward establishing value as the foundation of the organization is a massive undertaking, involving the restructuring, training and education of internal teams across business units—all the way from R&D to customer support,” said Frost & Sullivan industry Principal Nadim Daher. “The company has acknowledged value as a mega trend and has prioritized aligning its business model with the evolution of customers’ purchasing processes.”

The company has refocused its strategy to offer customized single-modality or multi-modality solutions, mixing premium and value imaging systems along with value-added services, such as tailored education and training. Customers are also provided with greater flexibility in pricing, deployment and service models.

With an increasing number of customers for its cross-modality offerings, Toshiba is looking internally at developing new synergies across product lines, investing in transversal technologies. For example, the technology behind its Dose Tracking System (DTS), initially debuted on its angiography X-ray product line, can be leveraged in other radiation-emitting modalities, such as CT. Toshiba also recently entered into the molecular imaging market, with its newest Celesteion PET-CT system.

“Importantly, Toshiba’s brand equity is rising in the marketplace among both departmental and enterprise-level customers, thereby encompassing various stakeholders in large-scale medical imaging investments,” Daher said. “More provider organizations are choosing Toshiba, as the company goes beyond the role of supplier and partners with them to help them achieve their business goals.”

Frost & Sullivan presents its Company of the Year award to the company that has demonstrated excellence in terms of growth strategy and implementation, recognizing a high degree of innovation with products and technologies, and the resulting leadership in terms of customer value and market penetration.

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