New Digital Ultrasound Exam Recording Technology from Ultrasonix

Ultrasonix Medical Corporation, Richmond, BC, has introduced the SonixVCR, a software-based solution that records, stores, and exports ultrasound exams in a standard digital format. SonixVCR is an on-board recording feature that is enabled by pressing a single button and recording up to 60 minutes of imaging per file, without additional hardware or an external recording device. SonixVCR files are compressed and saved as MPEG1 recordings and can be easily stored or shared electronically within the same HIPAA Compliance Protocols as still or multiframe images. Because they are in a digital format, image data will not degrade over time as compared to traditional storage media such as VCR tapes or CD/DVD discs. Exam reviews are no longer limited to short clips. Instead, the entire exam can be reviewed from start to finish. Since the file sizes are approximately 50 times smaller than comparable CINE clips, SonixVCR files can be easily distributed for review. Data files can also be transferred to SonixHUB, an exam management, credentialing, and archiving option. SonixVCR is available on the Sonix Series ultrasound systems. (604) 279-8550

ULTRASHARP U3011 30-inch Monitor from Dell

Dell Computers, Round Rock, Tex, has introduced the 30-inch Dell UltraSharp U3011 monitor, a high-performance and energy-efficient display with enhanced color representation and viewing angles that are needed for visually intensive medical applications. The UltraSharp U3011 features WQXGA 2560 x 1600 resolution to improve productivity by maximizing screen space for large projects or multiple applications. Screen performance includes a high brightness level of 370 cd/m2 (typical) and 7 ms gray to gray (typical) response time. The monitor also comes with 12 bit internal processing and Dell’s PremierColor, a technology that helps deliver a high color depth of 1.07 billion colors and extremely high color gamut of 117% (typical) for producing true-to-life colors. Images can also be displayed with a High Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 100,000:1 (typical) for deep blacks and bright reds with additional user control features, such as 6 axis for further image customization. (800) 456-3355

Opal WEB-RIS from Viztek

Viztek, Garner, NC, will debut Opal WEB-RIS at RSNA 2010. Opal WEB-RIS is a browser-based application that combines advanced RIS functionalities, including scheduling, full modality worklists, dictation transcripts, automatic report distribution, and full HL7 in- and out-bound interfaces. The product also comes with a referring physician portal that provides authorized users with the ability to directly add their patients to a radiology site’s imaging schedule, as well as to view reports immediately upon completion. In addition, Opal WEB-RIS comes with a women’s health component that is customized for the unique needs of mammography, such as automated patient reminders. Other new information management features include preloaded CPT codes and automated procedural diagnosis validation that predicts the likelihood an exam will be covered under a particular insurance policy. Once patients are scheduled for procedures, the Opal WEB-RIS provides automatic insurance preauthorizations. When checking in, patients can update their demographic information on Opal WEB-RIS kiosks stationed in the exam waiting rooms. Upon exam completion, the application exports charges to all major billing applications. (800) 366-5343

MRI-Safe Line of LED Overhead Illuminators from MLS

Medical Lighting Systems (MLS), Santa Ana, Calif, a provider of LED illumination solutions for the health care industry, has introduced a new line of MRI-safe specialized LED overhead illuminators. Supra-Light Designer and Supra-Light Diffuse LED overhead luminaires are free from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), making them well suited for use in MRI suites, surgical areas, recovery rooms, and general medical lighting applications. Supra-Light LED overhead luminaires feature an innovative LED-Array light source from ION Light Engines that utilize low voltage, Class II power. Thin and lightweight, the LED illuminators are energy-efficient, as well as ultraviolet and infrared radiation-free. Supra-Light ceiling fixtures may also be ordered sealed to eliminate cavities where airborne bacteria and virus can be trapped. (714) 957-1073

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