Wide Bore 1.5T MRI

Toshiba Medical Systems USA, Tustin, Calif, offers the Vantage 1.5T MRI system. Features include ultra-short (1.4 m), ultra-wide bore and 65.5 cm gantry opening for patient-friendly examinations; Pianissimo™ technology that reduces scan noise by as much as 90%; SPEEDER parallel processing supports high-speed, high-quality imaging; and an advanced, upgradeable hardware platform with 2.8 GHz, and fast reconstruction with 410 images per second. (800) 421-1968; www.medical.toshiba.com .

Web-based RIS

NovaRad Corp, American Fork, Utah, introduces NovaRIS, a web-based, open standards RIS that generates reports, analyzes examinations, measures profitability, and facilitates paperless management of patient records. Features include voice recognition, transcription, scheduling, auto Fax and e-mail, HIPAA logging, HL7 interfaces, electronic signature for radiologists, audit trail, and integration with NovaPACS or another third-party PACS or HIS. (877) 668-2723; www.novapacs.com .

DICOM Conversion System

Foresight Imaging, Lowell, Mass, offers the TIMS DICOM System. TIMS converts images obtained on analog medical modalities to DICOM, and transfers the studies to a facility’s PACS. Images or video streams are instantly available for viewing once they are acquired and converted to DICOM. Features include DICOM query/retrieve; batch/schedule DICOM send; DICOM receive; export to AVI, JPG, and DICOM; TIMS Consultant; DICOM modality worklist; scanner input; and study review and editing before committing to PACS, recorded to CD/DVD, or printed. (978) 458-4624; www.foresightimaging.com .

Upgraded PACS

Merge eMed, Milwaukee, introduces FUSION Matrix PACS, version 2.1. System upgrades include the ability to query and retrieve studies from third-party DICOM sources, reserve studies, and mark studies as preliminary. Version 2.1 also includes new tools, such as triangulation. FUSION Matrix PACS can be purchased individually or as part of FUSION RIS/PACS MX. (414) 977-4000; www.merge-emed.com .

Breast Imaging PACS

Sectra, Linköping, Sweden, offers the Sectra Breast Imaging PACS. This system includes a multimodality workstation designed for optimal reviewing of digital breast images from all vendors. The Breast Imaging PACS features fast image display, large storage capacity, double reading, and a special keypad for an enhanced workflow. The system also includes integrated CAD from R2 Technologies. (203) 925-0899; www.sectra.com .

1.0T MRI for Musculoskeletal Radiography

ONI Medical Systems Inc, Wilmington, Mass, introduces the MSK Extreme, a 1.0T high-field dedicated extremity MRI device for musculoskeletal radiology applications. MSK Extreme’s ergonomic design allows for comfortable patient positioning with the majority of the body outside of the magnet. MSK Extreme’s imaging performance exceeds current ACR guidelines for knee MRI. (978) 658-0020; www.onicorp.com .