Calibration for Projection Systems

Sencore Electronics, Inc, Sioux Falls, SD, introduces the PP5006 Projector Pro, a calibration solution for projection systems. This system provides efficient and consistent image reproduction for presentations, instruction, or analysis. The PP5006 Projector Pro provides a DICOM Part 14 gamma calibration solution, and a means to account for ambient light, screen type, and technical characteristics of the projector. Additional features include full calibration documentation and seamless integration into existing environments. The PP5006 consists of Sencore accuGray software, hardware, a tripod extension bracket, and carrying case. (800) 736-2673; .

Breast Imaging Storage

InSiteOne, Inc, Wallingford, Conn, introduces the Index Breast Imaging Archive, a pay-as-you-go image storage service. Index Breast Imaging Archive offers optimal digitally verified image quality and lossless compression. It features: immediate access to recent studies with on-site storage; long-term off-site storage; support of electronic workflow and communication tools; multimodality storage and revival; and error-free permanent DVD storage. (800) 441-0091; .

Data Storage Disc

Sony Electronics, San Jose, Calif, introduces the branded blue laser-based Professional Disc for DATA (ProDATA) solution kits. The ProDATA discs allow up to 23GB of storage capacity onto a single-sided optical disc. The ProDATA drives are designed specifically for professional storage applications, such as document and medical imaging, e-mail archival, enterprise content management, multimedia projects, graphic design, and audio/video editing/authoring. The 23GB discs also feature sustained 11MB/second read and 9MB/second write transfer speeds. (800) 352-7669; .

CD Recording Station

TDK Electronics Corp, Garden City, NY, offers CD recording systems (CDRS), which automatically record patient studies and results to CD or DVD, producing labeled discs ready for distribution to physicians and patients. Single or multiple studies can be recorded on one disc. DICOM viewers are automatically recorded on every CD and DVD, enabling immediate viewing of patient studies on most PCs. Patient demographic information can be edited or removed to ensure HIPAA readiness and to make the images usable for teaching purposes and conferences. (800) 835-8273; .

Mobile Computer Workstation

Ergotron, St Paul, Minn, offers the StyleView Cart, a mobile computer workstation designed for adjustable data entry. The StyleView Cart features Constant Force™ lift technology, which converts a conventional spring’s linear force curve into a constant flat force through the entire range of lifting motion. The StyleView’s design enables comfortable ergonomic data entry whether sitting or standing, and permits the use of any size monitor up to 25 pounds. The cart is easy to clean and durable. The mobile workstation is available in a flat panel, laptop, or tablet PC version. (800) 888-8458; .

RT Digital Simulation System

Agfa, Ridgefield Park, NJ, offers the Computed Radiography (CR) Radiotherapy Solution, a digital simulation and portal imaging system for both low- and high-dose applications that handles both low- and high-energy x-rays. The CR Radiotherapy Solution enables the acquisition of digital CR images, offering postprocessing image enhancement, which results in high-contrast images. The system is capable of serving multiple rooms simultaneously. (877) 777-2432; .