Being able to share patient information throughout the health care enterprise is the key to efficiency. But that key, necessarily needs a lock, and for organizations like Central Oregon’s St. Charles Health System that means implementing a strong patient information security system.

St. Charles recently selected CynergisTek and NitroSecurity to provide HIPAA/HITECH compliant security measures to protect patient data.

The two information security companies have entered into a joint venture to provide St. Charles’ security solutions that will allow the health care system to detect vulnerabilities and security incidents, while mitigating attacks against network devices, databases, and other infrastructures. All the while the system will comply with HIPAA Security Rule requirements under the federal HITECH Act.

To that end the companies are taking a “single pane of glass” approach giving visibility into events and logs and in-depth monitoring of networks, databases and applications by offering SIEM, log management, database activity monitoring, application data monitoring and intrusion prevention as part of a security solution that can handle up to several billion records and correlate, report, and analyze data in just a few minutes.


(Source: Press Release)