Like many radiology practices still using film, InHealth Imaging found itself faced with three insurmountable—very 20th-century problems—its film storage space was maxed out, the cost of delivery services were going through the roof, and turnaround times weren’t meeting the new standards set by the state of Washington.

But with every problem, there’s a solution, and the Poulsbo and Silverdale-based InHealth found it by going digital with Intelerad’s IntelePACS, which includes the integrated breast imaging module, allowing the practice to offer optimal digital care to all of its patients. InHealth offers MDCT, DXA, ultrasound, MRI, mammography, and nuclear medicine services.

The IntelePACS has streamlined InHealth’s workflow with its integrated viewer and universal worklist, making the practice more productive. According to InHealth Imaging’s founder and managing member Manfred Henne, M.D., Ph.D., M.S., in an Intelerad press release, the IntelePACS has kept the practice competitive and has improved service, particularly for its breast imaging services. “The added benefit of being able to offer breast imaging services from a single integrated system, which also provides access to referring physicians, made this a clear choice,” he said. “We can now participate in the state screening program and our patients get their results before they even leave the clinic.”


(Source: Press Release)