In many radiology departments, reading workflow often depends on the efficiency of imaging  software. A new version of Medis’ software solution for quantitative analysis of cardiac MR and scar tissue analysis promises to make reading both fast and accurate.

The QMass MR 7.2 speeds up workflow by including  many shortcuts and interface improvements that make the software faster and more intuitive. For example, version 7.2 includes the ability to scroll through series in the “movie tool” and one-click selection of the ED or ES phase in the “study matrix.”

According to a company press release, the version 7.2 offers two major improvements for MR scar tissue analysis. First, even though the system allows for monitoring and modification at each of the four analysis steps, automatic segmentation reduces manual editing to a minimum. Second, version 7.2 features double thresholding, making it possible to differentiate the infarct core from the peri-infarct region, and then quantify those results.

The software is vendor neutral and allows images to be exported in PDF, HTML, XML, TEX, and DICOM formats.


(Source: Press Release)