Pointing to the company’s solid market presence and its introduction of ultra-short, open-bore magnetic resonance (MR) imaging scanners, global market analyst Frost & Sullivan has honored Siemens Healthcare with the 2009 North American Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanners Market Leadership Award.

According to Frost & Sullivan, Siemens has earned wide recognition among the MRI community, driven in part by the success of its ultra-short, open-bore scanners.

“The introduction of Siemens’ ultra-short, open-bore MRI technologies represents one of the latest imaging solutions to emerge and dominate the market in terms of performance and clinical value,” said Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Travis Chong. “Overall, the company continues to advance the field of MRI with the delivery of advanced MRI technologies that improve clinical workflow, reduce operational costs and enhance the patient experience.”

Siemens’ open-bore and ultra-short MRI scanners have demonstrated the ability to deliver high-quality, high-field diagnostic scans, while enhancing patient comfort and reducing their anxiety.  It is designed to make it easier for clinicians to treat hard-to-image patients, such as patients challenged because of pain and mobility, the elderly, as well as bariatric and claustrophobic patients

In 2004, Siemens introduced the MAGNETOM® Espree, the world’s first 1.5 Tesla (T) Open Bore MRI, which  provides an expanded 70-cm bore diameter and the shortest magnet length in the industry (125 cm). In 2007, Siemens introduced the MAGNETOM Verio, which is the first system to combine 3T field strength and a 70-cm open bore, as well as the economical MAGNETOM ESSENZA.

The Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Leadership is presented to the company that exhibits market share leadership through the implementation of market strategy