Storing information is only the first step in managing it, and, with Merge Healthcare’s WebAccess, the ability to share and manage information has hit the bull’s eye.

The company’s WebAccess 2.3 now offers enterprise master patient index (EMPI) capability, which allows for the management of multiple patient identities that typically exist across a health care enterprise. The standards-based open, interoperable software portal technology is capable of consolidating diagnostic information from multiple, disparate sources, and deliver it to a user through a zero-client web browser. Version 2.3 expands these points of exchange outside the confines of a clinic or provider’s systems.

Version 2.3 follows on the heels of the company’s release of its MergeCOM-3T Toolkit offering. The latest DICOM release includes structured report templates that facilitate workflow efficiency and mining of critical information, such as radiation dose exposure.

(Source: Press Release)