MDS Nordion, Ontario, has announced that it has produced its first doses of Molybdenum-99 (Moly-99) isotopes from the NRU Canadian nuclear reactor, recently returned to service.

The NRU reactor had been offline for over a year now, contributing to a shortage in Moly-99-based imaging agents for SPECT and other nuclear medicine diagnostic testing.

While the Moly-99 supply may be flowing again, MDS cautioned in its press release that it would not be bringing its production back on line in full force. Instead, it will bring production up to speed gradually while maintaining new safety protocols and standards.

The company added that is in the process of completing extensive maintenance at its facilities, as well as making upgrades that include replacing all the windows, ventilation systems, and seals in its hot cells. In addition, the company is upgrading all pass-through doors between cells.

Furthermore, MDS is developing employee re-training and will soon introduce new specially designed shipping containers that will be used for safely shipping its nuclear medicine products to customers around the world.

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