Emageon, of Birmingham, Ala., is set to demonstrate new product enhancements at the upcoming Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society meeting, taking place from April 4-8 in Chicago.

Upgrades include improvements to RadSuite 5.35.1 and EVMS 8.10.1, which now has a thumbnail icon that appears when studies have been viewed and completely displayed. Additional new features consist of a viewer “specialist review” for image intensive specialists, URL Launch to speed study viewing for quick review without needing a full AV download, and MammoSuite desktop integration that permits context sharing for multi-modality support and CAD.

Furthermore, Emageon announces integration of Epic Radiant RIS-driven workflow, Workflow/work-list productivity improvements including the Study Note feature, and Web-based administration expanding management functionality. The company will also show the MSI (Microsoft Installer) for enterprise deployment, a 64-bit server for faster processing, consolidation of theRadSuite/HeartSuite enterprise content manager, merging the radiology/cardiology image repository, and institutional level access control and enhancements to the cine performance for the enterprise clinical viewer.
Other offerings include the Outside Study Gateway (OSG), a vendor-neutral solution that standardizes the process for physician access to outside imaging studies.