joining hands 400In 2013, the American College of Radiology issued a call to arms challenging the radiology community to work together to transform medical imaging into a more durable and valuable enterprise. That change process is known as Imaging 3.0.

Imaging 3.0 provides radiologists with a framework in which they can increase their relevance in today’s evolving healthcare system. Imaging 3.0 offers tools that can help radiology successfully transition to value-based imaging, by increasing their contributions to clinical quality, better outcomes and patient safety

It is more than two years, since the ACR launched this major initiative. So how are radiology practices doing when it comes to meeting the Imaging 3.0 mission?

That’s what this new column from AXIS is all about. Authored by industry consultant and quality expert, Teri Yates of Accountable Radiology Advisors, “Imaging 3.0 in Action” spotlights practices that are living up to the challenge through innovation and hard work.

“Imaging 3.0 in Action” is a must-read for forward-thinking radiologists. Check out the first installment here.

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