San Diego-based eMix, a new web-based imaging archiving program from DR Systems, has just added new importation abilities, enabling imaging exams to be shared from CDs, DVDs, and thumb drives.

Many facilities still receive their radiology files from CDs. With eMix’s vendor neutral solution, prior studies that arrive on CD or other older digital platforms, can now be securely imported into eMix’s cloud-based archive and securely shared over the Internet with referring physicians and specialists.

Facilities have the ability to collate prior exams from other medical facilities through a feature that imports the DICOM data and converts any embedded medical record number to the facilities’ own record number system. In addition, the solution is designed to be integrated with electronic medical records.

Florent Saint-Clair, program director for eMix, said in the announcement, “Facilities still receive important prior exams on CDs. We heard from our customers that they wanted to readily import these prior exams into eMix so they could view, evaluate and share it more easily and cost-effectively. This new capability elegantly responds to those requests.”

(Source: Press Release)    


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