Mercy Medical Center has placed an order with Carestream Health Inc., of Rochester, N.Y., for additional CARESTREAM Enterprise Information Management licenses and two IBM XIV Storage Systems.

The Des Moines, Iowa, hospital is expanding its storage area network to support digital mammography, cardiac catheterization studies and vascular ultrasound images in addition to growing demand for all of its imaging services.

Carestream Health’s Enterprise Information Management software offers intelligent lifecycle management of DICOM and non-DICOM data and moves medical information as dictated by customer-defined storage rules.

“We expect to generate 25 to 30 terabytes of data in 2009 alone, so we needed to augment our existing storage software and hardware resources,” said Deane Baldwin, the hospital’s PACS Administrator. “Carestream Health’s EIM Software will manage about 150 terabytes of storage at our main data center. This software is an extremely productive tool that helps us automate off-site data duplication and regulate data retention according to local and federal regulations.”