With the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina right behind us and an already active tropical storm season upon us, thoughts of disaster recovery are undoubtedly forefront in the minds of radiologists and administrators alike. And they should be. A new Whitepaper from BridgeHead Software notes that disaster recovery for health care is “uniquely complex.”

The free whitepaper (http://www.thehsvcompany.com/HDRWP) explains that the complexities stem from the varied data types—structured, unstructured, and semi-structured—that are commonly generated by both clinical and administrative departments.

While it would be easy to see the scenario of having to back up and recover vast amounts of data as a doomsday situation, the company has a solution that could alleviate any fears and make the unlikely event of disaster recovery a painless process. 

The company’s BH MediSafe uses a combination of a traditional backup and archive to fully protect data and improve the recovery process in the event of outage, corruption, or loss. The solution protects health care information by analyzing whether it is “static” (i.e., unlikely to be accessed or changed) or “dynamic” (regularly accessed or changed), then protecting it accordingly. Since it selectively moves static data into a fully protected archive, the traditional backup of the dynamic content is optimized and data recovery both at the file and the system level is vastly improved, according to the company.


(Source: Press Release and link above)