BridgeHead Software has launched what it’s calling the industry’s first Independent Clinical Archive (ICA) for long-term storage, protection, and sharing of hospital data. BridgeHead HealthStore is a modular solution built on top of the company’s Healthcare Data Management (HDM) platform, enabling hospitals to standardize access to key elements of the patient record while eliminating dependence on any one system to locate the information.

The new ICA offers standards-based integration with any clinical data source, including HL7, unstructured files, DICOM, and XDS.  Both application- and storage-independent, the system maintains its own metadata to ensure content remains accessible in the future. By holding content independent of storage, the system enables hospitals to transfer to new storage without affecting their applications, and vice versa.

The system is intended as an alternative to the vendor neutral archive, offering broader capabilities to consolidate and manage hospital data. “BridgeHead’s data management pedigree makes it eminently qualified to author a complete healthcare facing archive,” said Tony Cotterill, chief product officer at BridgeHead Software. “For the past five years, BridgeHead has developed APIs for all healthcare-specific data ingestion methods. Now BridgeHead HealthStore brings together our traditional DICOMStore, FileStore, and XDS capabilities into the industry’s first true ICA.”

In addition, the system enables access to patient data even when primary applications are unavailable and allows departmental applications such as PACS to focus on their primary function, rather than data storage. For more information, visit BridgeHead Software.