Instrumentarium Imaging, Tuusula, Finland, offers the Diamond Breast Care system, which comprises all of its mammography applications, from film imaging to spot digital imaging to direct FFDM, from screening to interventional, from two-dimensional to three-dimensional imaging. The Diamond platform contains several features that help raise breast health care standards. The ParkBack tubehead can be moved out of the way for a more comfortable positioning posture and to avoid repetitive stress-related injuries among technologists. ECS, the only bidirectional compression system, helps in positioning. It increases patient comfort and allows more breast tissue to be imaged. The AutoPoint system automatically selects correct photocells for consistently high image quality, thus minimizing retakes. A Delta 32 upgrade makes the Diamond ready for digital spot imaging and stereotactic work. The addition of the Delta 32 TACT? option makes the system a 3D digital platform, enabling the breast to be viewed as a 3D model or as separate image layers. (800) 558-6120;