GE Definium 5000

Touted as a user-friendly and reliable piece of technology, the GE Definium 5000 is the latest system to be added to the Definium family of digital radiography products. A fixed DR system, the Definium 5000 features a floor-mounted U-arm positioner with a small footprint, allowing the equipment to easily fit into small spaces without a ceiling support.

As a result, physician’s offices and stand-alone imaging centers now have a capability to perform digital imaging on-site.

With its intuitive user interface, advanced software and automated features improve productivity while reducing total exam and processing time. Customers also can select optional Image Paste software, which enables multiple exposures to be combined into a single image for long bone studies.

The Spec Sheet

  1. Customizable image processing;
  2. Flexible U-arm configuration, which rotates 150°;
  3. Digital bucky receptor angles ±45°;
  4. Auto positioning, auto protocols, auto image processing, including Tissue Equalization and auto shutter, which detects collimator edges and presents an optimal field of view;
  5. Touch-screen monitor;
  6. DICOM 3.0 connectivity;
  7. Exclusive flat-panel digital detector meets room size and budget constraints, reducing equipment and construction costs; and
  8. Image Paste optional application, which acquires and pastes up to five images for long bone studies.

The Visible Difference

Digital image acquisition exhibited by the Definium 5000 supports fast and efficient exam procedures, which eliminates the time spent handling film and cassettes. Its anatomical view-based digital image processing automatically optimizes and enhances the quality of the captured image for the imaged anatomy, and the images are automatically stored and printed. DICOM 3.0 networking capability increases exam throughput, in turn decreasing patient exam duration.