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Canon Portable DR Solutions

Canon Medical Systems Inc (Lake Success, NY) showcased its portable digital radiography (DR) solutions, the CXDI-50C and the CXDI-50G, at the Annual Meeting of the American Healthcare Radiology Association (AHRA) in Las Vegas. Canon?s CXDI-50C DR system features Large Area New-MIS Sensor and TFT (LANMIT 7) detector technology to deliver high-quality images with minimal x-ray exposure to patients; the company touts it as particularly valuable for pediatric and orthopedic use. The system incorporates a Canon amorphous silicon flat-panel detector and a cesium iodide scintillator for high signal-to-noise performance. The company also showcased its CXDI-50G portable DR system, which works for a wide range of radiographic applications, including trauma, ICU and bedside exams.

Canon also demonstrated its latest version of DR Image Viewer software, which can communicate with any PACS, DICOM-compatible printer, or Windows-based desktop printer. The new software also contains the DR Image Viewer Light, which allows users to copy images to CDs or DVDs with or without a subset of the viewing and manipulating tools.

Web: ? www.usa.canon.com/DR
Phone: (800) 970-7227

CME Bank for Allied Health Care Professionals

A new online service for health care professionals, the CME bank, offers a secure way to store CME/CE certificates and physician credentials, enabling easier, faster licensure renewals. The service allows subscribers to print transcripts of all CME/CE activity or have transcripts sent directly to the licensing registry board; it also features an online calendar for organizing events and expiration dates, and provides discounted courses with preferred partners.

Three subscription levels are available. At $24.95 per year, the classic account provides CME banking and course discounts. For an additional $5, the classic account plus also provides the online calendar with e-mail notification and licensure-expiration tracking. And the premium account, at $44.95 per year, offers additional storage as well as an unlimited number of transcript printings and mailings.

Web: ? www.cmebank.com
Phone: (800) 684-4311

DICOMetrix System Monitoring

Double Black Imaging (Westminster, Colo) introduced its new DICOMetrix system at the American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA) Annual Meeting. DICOMetrix, which was invented by a PACS administrator, proactively monitors DICOM image flow and network performance to alert radiology and PACS support staff to any system-performance issues before they affect patient care.

With DICOMetrix, gauges and real-time graphing are used to track performance and PACS traffic on any workstation, for any modality, for the past year. The client uses Windows OS to offer user-friendly monitoring, alerting staff to system slow-downs and outages, and provides a comprehensive history of system performance.

Web: ? www.dicometrix.com
Phone: (303) 404-2222

XPERT 40 Specimen Radiography System from Kubtec

Digital imaging of biopsy specimens is a necessary step to ensure that the malignant tissue has been entirely removed from the breast. A new specimen radiography system from Kubtec Inc (Fairfield, Conn), a manufacturer of compact digital x-ray inspection systems, is the world?s first system to provide an 8- x 8-inch detector, the company claims, which minimizes the need to stitch multiple images together?a time-consuming process.

The XPERT 40 system can digitally photograph the entire surgical mass in a single image with 16-bit contrast depth. This enables clinical staff to maximize their time and resources in surgery; it also means that the patient can be brought out of anesthesia more rapidly. All XPERT 40 systems come with DICOM-compliant software and can be connected directly to any PACS.

Web: ? www.kubtec.com
Phone: (203) 364-8544

Vocada Veriphy CTRM Solution

Vocada (Dallas) has introduced a successor to its VoiceLink Critical Test Result Management (CTRM) system: Veriphy. A complete end-to-end CTRM solution for hospital diagnostic departments, the Veriphy solution encompasses policy development and implementation, including building of the physician database; communications technology that verifies message receipt and automates documentation and rule compliance; and real-time reporting.

No new investment in technology is required to implement the Veriphy system; reporting radiologists make one phone call, using a phone or computer, to record their diagnosis, and the system takes care of the rest. Veriphy notifies the referrer of a pending message via e-mail, text, page, or phone, according to the referrer?s preference; then, the referrer is given a toll-free number and user ID. As soon as the message is accessed, a confirmation is sent to the radiologist.

Veriphy was beta-tested by the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), which became the first customer.

Web: ? www.vocada.com/home.asp
Phone: (866) 4VOCADA