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Radiograph Measurement Calibration Marker

Gone are the days of pennies and pens as calibration markers, thanks to a new hollow stainless-steel radiograph measurement calibration marker (MCM) from Airball Products Medical Division (South Glastonbury, Conn). This MCM provides a precise measurement reference when viewing x-rays, computerized radiography (CR), and digital radiography (DR), regardless of enlargement or reduction. The 25-mm MCM is a radio-opaque, lightweight hollow ball. The ball?s 440A stainless-steel construction means it can be sterilized by autoclave in the same manner as any surgical instrument; however, its low cost makes it easily disposable, if that is the preference. Placed easily, the MCM remains adhered to a patient during the entire imaging process until it is removed, which is easy and causes no patient discomfort. The MCM is dimensionally stable under all conditions, eliminating problems associated with the penumbra effect, making it superior to the improved techniques, such as placing a coin or 2-D measurement grid into the image.

Web: ? www.airballmedical.com
Phone: (860) 652-9995

DICOM Storage Server Software

Candelis Inc (Irvine, Calif) has upgraded its ImageGrid software to version 1.2, featuring new information and user management features as well as an improved user interface. Specific features include a tape archiving service, storage retention that automatically deletes redundant studies and those that have been migrated to the tape archive, and multiple user support that provides control over authorization levels. Also new to version 1.2 is a DICOM transfer services engine, which offers a study-based interface with a visual progress indicator to provide continuous status reports on the transfer of images to and from connected systems, an intelligent retry algorithm for handling incomplete image transfers, and an out-of-bounds transfer service that enables administrators to bypass the image-transfer queue for time-sensitive studies/images. Version 1.2 is available for all varieties of the ImageGrid.

Web: ? www.candelis.com
Phone: (800) 800-8600

Integration-Enabling Solution

The MEDxConnect system from Compressus Inc (Washington, DC) enables seamless integration of disparate data systems and provides users with the freedom to select best-of-breed PACS, HIS/RIS, and EMR solutions, regardless of vendor. This integrated digital medical imaging and data management solution is designed to support a facility?s current and expanded workload and provide an infrastructure for sustained growth. Features of MEDxConnect include digital storage and transmission of imaging data, soft-copy workstations for efficient radiologist interpretation, automated voice interpretation for generation of reports, and electronic and secure distribution of images and reports to referring physicians via the Web?all while meeting HIPAA privacy requirements. The cornerstone of the solution is the ConnectServer, which creates a virtual archive and database, enabling high-speed enterprise-wide data transfer from any acquisition device to any workstation.

Web: ? www.compressus.com
Phone: (202) 742-4307

Web-Based RIS

New from RIS Concepts Inc (Miami) is a Web-based RIS that provides a cross-vendor worklist, combining data from an unlimited number of PACS vendors? solutions. This feature enables seamless workflow for radiologists who read for multiple facilities, day and nighthawk services, and practices with multiple locations using different image-management solutions. Features of the RIS include real-time scheduling, dictation, transcriptions, patient demographics, scanning and HL7 integration into PACS, and billing. The RIS also enables Web-based communications with referring physicians, offering connectivity to scheduling information, radiology reports and images, patient status, and other documents. It also automates distribution of radiology reports through fax, e-mail, and the Internet. RIS Concepts offers a license of the solution based on exam volume with an unlimited number of users.

Web: ? www.risconcepts.com
Phone: (866) 279-6394