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Suite of Enterprise Productivity Tools from Emageon

New from Emageon (Birmingham, Ala) is RadSuite, a set of integrated, enterprise productivity tools. RadSuite includes Enterprise Body Transparency, which leverages the OpenGL graphics standard to provide native rendering of 3-D volumes using real-time ray trading. Other features include integrated 2-D/3-D tools, technologist QC workflow and Web administrator tools, PowerScribe integration, personal content management with JPEG2000, StudyNotes, and more. Along with HeartSuite and OrthoSuite, RadSuite is part of the company’s Enterprise Visual Medical System, which offers tailored workflow for radiology, cardiology, and orthopedics.

Web: ? www.emageon.com
Phone: (866) EMAGEON

X-Ray Camera from Rad-icon Imaging

The Remote RadEye HR from Rad-icon Imaging Corp (Santa Clara, Calif) is a high-resolution, detachable, X-ray?sensitive camera head designed for small-space radiation imaging applications. The X-ray sensor in the Remote RadEye was developed to work with micro- and nano-focus X-ray sources to form compact, high-resolution imaging systems for such applications as micro-CT, observing fine structures on small parts, aligning or profiling an X-ray beam for protein crystallography, and evaluating the focal-spot size on high-resolution X-ray sources. Also, the Remote RadEye’s small size and minimized mass makes rapid momentum changes easier.

Web: ? www.rad-icon.com
Phone: (408) 486-0886

Contrast Agent for Cardiovascular Research from VisualSonics

VisualSonics Inc (Toronto) has announced that the company is in-licensing a contrast agent for the quantification of myocardial perfusion in preclinical studies from the University of Virginia (Charlottesville). Sold under the name Depo, the agent was developed by Jonathan Lindner, MD, when he was at the University of Virginia. Lindner and his colleagues are considered pioneers in myocardial contrast echocardiography. “The exquisite resolution of the Vevo [VisualSonics’ micro-ultrasound technology], combined with the multiple capabilities of ultrasound contrast agents, will be an important asset to many research areas, including myocardial and tumor perfusion as well as inflammation and angiogenesis research,” Lindner says. For more information on today’s contrast agents and injectors, don’t miss our “In Contrast” feature.

Web: ? www.visualsonics.com
Phone: (866) 416-4636