AVAmax Vertebral Augmentation System from CareFusion

CareFusion, San Diego, recently launched the AVAmax Vertebral Augmentation system, an 11-gauge vertebral balloon for use in the spinal fracture treatment market. This small-sized vertebral balloon now allows interventional radiologists and spine surgeons to repair vertebral compression fractures that are more difficult to treat due to their size and location in the spinal column, including smaller vertebra. The 11-gauge vertebral balloon is inserted through a cannula that is 17% smaller and a balloon shaft that is 25% smaller than any other vertebral balloon on the market. The tungsten radiopaque tip enables excellent visibility under imaging, helping to ensure safe deployment of the balloon in the vertebral body.

www.carefusion.com (888) 876-4287

Merge Financials 6.1 from Merge Healthcare Inc

Merge Healthcare Inc, Chicago, unveils Merge Financials™ 6.1, a revenue cycle management solution for Merge’s billing community. The new system includes capabilities to prepare physician practices for upcoming reimbursement changes. The solution facilitates the transition of electronic data exchange to the new ANSI 5010 required format, accommodates new PQRI (Physician Quality Reporting Initiative) procedures and reporting, and begins the planning process for the upcoming ICD-10 requirements. Additionally, Merge Financials 6.1 allows for full conversion of patient accounts and accounts receivable data from legacy billing solutions. It also includes capabilities for anesthesia billing. The new anesthesia module allows for charge handling and claim filing for both the anesthesiologist and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists.

www.merge.com (312) 565-6868

FlightPlan for Liver from GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, offers the FlightPlan for Liver software application, which automatically extracts vessels in the vicinity of the tumor during liver embolizations, while AngioViz enhances digital subtraction angiography (DSA) to give a new vision of vascular flow. FlightPlan for Liver helps radiologists to plan and perform liver embolization. The success rate in detecting tumor-feeding vessels is 93%, as compared to 64% and 73% when using 2D and 3D review, respectively. FlightPlan constructs the vascular tree in 3D from a selected starting point in the hepatic artery. It automatically extracts the vessels in the vicinity of the tumor and displays them with color-coding for easy visualization.

www.gehealthcare.com (800) 886-0815

Intelligent Structured Reporting from FUJIFILM

FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc, Stamford, Conn, introduces Intelligent Structured Reporting (ISR) technology. The software decision support system is the latest addition to the Synapse® family of integrated solutions dedicated to enhancing clinical workflow and increasing diagnostic certainty. ISR incorporates an advanced tool set that directly ties echo measurement data and clinical statements to a comparative knowledge base. This helps improve reading accuracy and report consistency when interpreting the echocardiograms. Advanced capabilities of ISR include the ability to monitor input echo measurements in real time, warn the user of inconsistencies, and automatically complete an echocardiography report based on absolute and inferred data. ISR uses the Agile Computing Theory technology, which makes frequent, real-time updates to Synapse Cardiovascular to ensure that the cardiologist and sonographers are equipped with the latest cardiovascular information.

www.fujifilmusa.com (888) 385-4633

2-Step Platform from Clear Image Devices LLC

Clear Image Devices LLC (CiD), Ann Arbor, Mich, introduces the 2-Step Platform for use with C-arm digital radiography systems. The C-arm system features dual handrails and locking casters to ensure a stable, safe platform and permits patients to be positioned over a variety of C-arm digital radiography systems. The base of the platform includes an x-ray lucent faceplate made of unbreakable polycarbonate designed to support patients weighing up to 500 pounds. The platform is easily portable and easy to keep clean. It is manufactured from germ-resistant, nonporous polyethylene and steel.

www.clearimagedevices.com (734) 645-6459

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