FlashPad from GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, recently announced the 510(k)-cleared FlashPad digital x-ray detector. The detector works with a variety of GE x-ray products and is capable of supporting advanced applications. The FlashPad features two handles that make it easier to position and maneuver. It is equipped with GE’s x-ray detector technology, and its design provides up to 8% more coverage for key applications and maintains high image quality at low dose levels. The FlashPad detector is at the heart of several radiography products from GE including Discovery XR656, DR Imaging Option for Proteus XR/a, DR Imaging Option for Precision 500D, and Optima XR220 amx and Optima XR200 amx.

www.gehealthcare.com (800) 886-0815

SCAN2PACS and EXAM-Dictate from CoActiv Medical

CoActiv Medical, Ridgefield, Conn, introduces SCAN2PACS™ and EXAM-Dictate™, new features for the company’s EXAM-PACS system. SCAN2PACS is a reception-desk scanning module that enables an imaging facility to instantly digitize a patient’s hard copy information at check-in. All of the information that a patient brings to their appointment, including prescriptions, authorizations, insurance precertifications, or insurance cards, can be immediately scanned, digitized, and attached to the patient file. It also supports the scanning of ultrasound and mammography worksheets during and after the procedure. EXAM-Dictate directly integrates Dragon voice recognition into EXAM-PACS and automatically attaches final reports to an exam once dictation is completed. The new module has a full range of customizable templates and the ability to create pretemplated normal reports.

www.coactiv.com (203) 894-1651

Verisante Core from T-Ray Science Inc

T-Ray Science Inc, Vancouver, BC, has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with the BC Cancer Agency for rights to a device for the early detection of lung cancer. The optical biopsy system, known as the Verisante Core series, detects spectral biomarkers for cancer. The device determines if a lesion is malignant or benign without the need for a biopsy, and has been clinically tested on more than 50 patients with excellent results. The Verisante Core series for lung cancer detection utilizes a proprietary cancer detection technology platform developed by the BC Cancer Agency, while the operating software and probe technology are unique to the device. This platform technology allows T-Ray to develop and offer a range of cancer detection devices for many of the most common cancers.

www.t-rayscience.com (604) 605-0507

Infinix VF-i from Toshiba America Medical Systems

Toshiba America Medical Systems, Tustin, Calif, introduces the Infinix VF-i bi-plane vascular x-ray system, which is designed to increase flexibility and diagnostic capabilities, especially in neuro and pediatric imaging. The system features dual 12″ x 12″ mid-sized flat panel detectors, which provide the ability to obtain critical variations in angle combinations while providing better coverage during bi-plane neuro and vascular procedures. The unit also features a floor-mounted C-arm five-axis positioner. The Infinix-i digital processor is newly updated with improved GUI and operating system software.

www.medical.toshiba.com (800) 421-1968

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