New Products for the Imaging Industry

Mammography Digital Viewing Station from S&S Technology

Designed for departments converting to digital mammography, the Mammography Digital Viewing Station from Houston-based S&S Technology can be used to compare new digital studies and previous hard-copy films. The product incorporates a 600-film motorized belt on the upper tier and enables placement of dual 20.9-inch and one 15-inch flat-panel monitors on the lower tier. A moveable console allows the user to control belt movement, masking shades, lighting, and luminance. In addition, auto-select and rapid frame selection footswitch features easily retrieve films, while a unique RS232 interface provides for seamless integration to CAD. With a large desktop surface and two pull-out writing shelves, the station minimizes clutter and gives users extra workspace. Furthermore, four power receptacles are included for Dictaphone, laptop, or other auxiliary power requirements.

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DataScout from CodeRyte Inc

Computer-assisted coding technologies provider CodeRyte Inc, Bethesda, Md, recently released a clinical data extraction solution called DataScout, which uses natural language processing technology to convert data within medical reports into actionable information. Organizations then use the information to make critical treatment and business decisions. The product’s context-sensitive linguistic technology uncovers data such as important patterns of care, disease, and intervention, and it shines a light on the relationships between them. With its data mining capabilities, DataScout allows for dictation pattern analysis for improved reporting; Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) analysis; decision, referral-pattern, and clinical condition analysis; and in-depth clinical research. Users can quickly identify evolving medical terms, survey patient information for clinical trial inclusion or exclusion data, assign codes or values for PQRI quality indicators, or search for specific phrases used within medical reports.

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Model 815L from Electronic Control Concepts

The latest from Electronic Control Concepts, Saugerties, NY, brings increased flexibility to a popular unit specifically designed for low kVp and low mA operation. Model 815L is ideal for digital x-ray, dental, and fluoroscopy machines, which typically operate at lower kV and mA settings. The low range option goes down to 40 kV, with increased sensitivity to operate dependably down to 5 mA at 50 kV. It is also optimized at lower currents and operates up to 115 kV at 100 mA. No connections are needed for kVp measurement, and it sports a battery life of 48 continuous hours. Optional accessories include a carrying case for safe storage and transport, in addition to a remote display unit for easy readouts from a distance.

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WorkstationOne Breast Imaging Workstation from Three Palm Software

Intended for soft-copy reading and interpretation of digital mammography images, the WorkstationOne Breast Imaging Station from Three Palm Software LLC, Los Gatos, Calif, was created with the goal of allowing radiologists to read digital mammograms as efficiently as they read films on motorized viewer light-boxes. It enables smooth enterprise integration and interpretation workflow, with user advantages that include “single-click” navigation, customized mammographic-specific reading and hanging protocol sequences, and expert viewing methodology, such as Tabár’s systematic viewing masks for searching for subtle radiographic abnormalities. Also, eight current and prior studies are displayed immediately when the next image is opened. Using a mouse wheel, full-resolution image viewing navigation can be accomplished, and the system does not require users to pan and zoom images manually. An electronic grease pen lets radiologists mark up the image display whenever they are so inclined, and it automatically yields a corresponding screening mammography recall report. It can be used for a range of modalities, such as FFDM, CR, digitized films, ultrasound, and MRI.

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Xcelerant Hydro Delivery System from Medtronic

A hydrophilic coating aids navigation of the stent graft through tight and tortuous arteries, courtesy of the Xcelerant Hydro Delivery System from Minneapolis-based Medtronic. Using the company’s AneuRx AAAdvantage Stent Graft, the delivery system makes endovascular repair a treatment option for a wider population of patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms, specifically those whose iliac arteries are difficult to navigate. The technology features a uniquely integrated sheath that is tapered on both ends, designed to facilitate insertion and retraction of the entire catheter by minimizing the time the sheath’s surface area is in contact with the artery wall. Low profile characteristics enable easy tracking and access through small vessels. According to Medtronic, the Xcelerant Hydro Delivery System was shown, in bench testing, to generate 68 times less friction than the previous delivery system, which did not possess a hydrophilic coating.

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DRYSTAR AXYS from Agfa HealthCare

As a compact hard-copy solution that was developed to fit a full range of applications, such as mammography, CT, MRI, CR, and DR, the newest solution from Agfa Healthcare, greenville, SC is a multiapplication, direct digital imager that delivers mammography-quality images with 508 DPI image resolution. The DRYSTAR AXYS tabletop imager also allows for short access time and full flexibility, and it was designed with maximized user friendliness in mind. For example, input trays can be loaded with media in daylight without worrying about ambient light, and they accept five media sizes and three film types. Because of its compact design, the product can be installed in space-restricted environments or, through an optional mobile mounting kit, in mobile vans. Like all of Agfa HealthCare’s DRYSTAR imagers, the AXYS incorporates the company’s DDI technology, which controls pixels, and A#Sharp technology, which enhances imaging capability.

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