There’s a new DR provider in town with a familiar name: Agfa HealthCare. The company recently announced that its DX-D 500n and DX-D 300 DR systems are now available for purchase in the United States. The new systems join Agfa’s portfolio of CR systems.

The DICOM compliant DX-D 500n and DX-D 300 have been developed to support a wide variety of exams and allow for RIS, PACs, and HIS system compatibility. The DX-D family of products blends Agfa’s MUSICA2 image processing with high-resolution flat-panel detectors. The MUSICA2 analyzes image data before applying contrast and density algorithms to enhance image details. This enables the 500n and 300 to deliver high-quality images on the NX acquisition workstation without user interaction.

The DX-D 500n is designed for departments and imaging centers that manage up to 125 or more exams daily. The ceiling-mounted system comes with a choice of cesium iodide- or gadolinium-based DR detectors. The universal arm DX-D 300 is a compact, cassette-less system, requiring only 3 meters by 3 meters by 2.8 meters of space, which makes it ideal for smaller practices or departments where space is at a premium. The motorized DX-D 300 can handle a broad range of x-ray studies, including lateral exams.


(Source: Press Release)