The American College of Radiology (ACR) is proposing new steps for hospitals and radiology groups to improve their relationships, thereby helping to sustain radiology practices. 

As part of the initiative, the ACR’s “Task Force on Relationships between Radiology Groups and Hospitals and Other Healthcare Organizations” has published an article with recommendations for better hospital-radiology group relations in the June issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR).

With hospitals able to access price competitive radiology services from across the United States and the world, the task force is suggesting ways to keep local radiology as an important added value to hospitals and patients.

Cynthia S. Sherry, MD, FACR, lead author of the article, commented in a press release that “It is imperative for the survival of the specialty for radiologists to provide a ‘value added’ to the clinical evaluations and therapies of patients. This can entail expanded hours of on-site coverage, a greater number of available radiologists, more sub-specialization, and/or greater opportunities for consultations with referring physicians and their patients.”

At the same time, the task force also made suggestions for hospitals, including placing a high priority on nurturing a functional relationship with their radiology group. “Hospitals should recognize the core strategic value of a strong foundational radiology service and the critical importance of on-site involvement by radiologists,” said Sherry.

Read more about the task force recommendations online.