The medical imaging community is putting its best foot forward to improve patient outcomes.

Whether they’re rolling out the Astroturf or the red carpet, these winter months are a season of “bests.” Recently, millions of Americans tuned into the Super Bowl to root for the team they believed should be deemed the best in the NFL. No sooner did the major sporting event wrap up when we were all invited to watch the GRAMMYs which paid homage to the “best album” of the year, the “best new artist,” and so on. And, by the time this magazine hits your desk, we will have witnessed countless Oscar speeches by the “best actor,” “best actress,” and “best director.”

Being the “best” has turned into a national pastime. It’s human nature to want to be recognized for our personal talents and triumphs. But it seems to me that it’s distinctly American to get caught up in the hype of it all. Our Hollywood culture—with its focus on fame, fortune, and glamour—runs deep and is difficult to deny.

But for most of us mere mortals, a healthier perspective is to focus on striving for our own “personal bests.” In this issue of Axis Imaging News, our various articles look at how practices and hospitals are putting their best foot forward from both a clinical and business perspective. We also explore how manufacturers are doing their best to improve care by creating new imaging tools and solutions.

Our cover story, “All the Right Moves,” focuses on what various breast imaging providers are doing to improve mammography workflow and patient outcomes. Sometimes a practice may sacrifice volume of exams in order to do the right thing for patients. “Patients know they are going to be treated like human beings, and this helps distinguish us from other practices,” said one breast imaging provider who makes it her business to give every patient her results on the same day of the exam. Now that’s a “best practice” that keeps women coming back.

In our feature article, “Innovations in IR,” we explore a variety of new interventional radiology solutions offered by various vendors. From laser-guided imaging systems to dose-monitoring methods, manufacturers are doing their utmost to deliver sophisticated solutions that allow clinicians to maximize their potential when performing minimally invasive procedures. Access to the best technologies translates into easier, more efficient ways for clinicians to perform their lifesaving work and promises best outcomes for patients.

Speaking of “bests,” Axis Imaging News wants to know about your radiology facility’s commitment to excellence and best practices. If you haven’t already, now is the time to participate in our “Best of 2012: Radiology Facilities” program. It’s not the GRAMMYs or Oscars of radiology. It’s simply a showcase for the medical imaging community. It’s an opportunity to celebrate what you do best by being listed in the pages of the special supplement in our August issue. To learn more about nominating your facility, visit: The collective goal of today’s radiology practices, imaging centers, and hospitals is to deliver earlier diagnoses and the best possible patient care. Your continued dedication, coupled with ever-evolving advanced technologies, means the best is yet to come.

Marianne Matthews

Marianne Matthews