New Products for the Imaging Industry

Safescan Intercept Pillar from Mednovus

Helping to improve MRI safety for patients and staff, the Safescan Intercept Pillar ferromagnetic detection system from Mednovus Inc, Leucadia, Calif, is designed to detect potentially dangerous materials that are brought into MRI suites. Specifically, its two coordinated, independent pillars identify the presence of ferromagnetic metals on patients or in objects, to aid in keeping them from entering the powerful magnetic fields. According to Mednovus, the Intercept Pillar allows customers to enjoy unprecedented flexibility for repositioning and reconfiguration. Because the detectors are independent and freestanding, users can have them positioned at distances that work with their particular needs and individual room layouts. Pillars are lightweight and require only a wall outlet, therefore enabling users to relocate, reposition, or reconfigure the system in just a few minutes. The product has an initial retail price of $9,500.

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Disposable Endocavity Needle Guidance System from CIVCO

For use with ZONARE’s E9-4 transducer, the disposable endocavity needle guidance system from CIVCO Medical Solutions, Kalona, Iowa, features zero needle resistance, offers smooth movement and navigation during puncture procedures, and accepts 16-18 gauge instruments. Working in conjunction with biopsy software on ZONARE ultrasound platforms, CIVCO’s endocavity needle guidance system allows for reduced technique variability. As a result, it provides a shorter learning curve and reduced procedure time, increasing productivity during tissue biopsy, fluid aspirations, and catheter placement. According to the company, the disposable design reduces the risks associated with cross-contamination and aids in easy cleanup between procedures. The guide snaps securely to the transducer.

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Centering Intraluminal Applicator from Varian

Varian Medical Systems, Palo Alto, Calif, has introduced a new brachytherapy applicator set that looks to increase treatment precision and promote comfort for patients suffering from bronchial cancer. The Centering Intraluminal Applicator set, available for use with Varian’s GammaMed and VariSource brachytherapy afterloaders, is designed for treatment of the trachea, main bronchus, and esophagus. The special design of the three-centering catheter allows for a centered position of the source in the lumen of the trachea or the bronchus while maintaining a channel for air to pass and for the patient to breathe unaided during treatment. Additionally, the three centering baskets can be partly or totally extended, enabling individual adaptation to the patient’s anatomy. The applicator set’s Seldinger guide wire technique permits enhanced implant guidance, and easy identification using fluoroscopic or x-ray images is made possible through a radiopaque x-ray marker line over the full length of the centering catheter and through the centering baskets.

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Acoustical Foams from Interstate Specialty Products

Interstate Specialty Products, Sutton, Mass, has introduced custom-fabricated acoustical foams and barrier materials for integration into various types of medical devices to reduce unwanted noise. The products are available in several thicknesses and densities, with facings to tune the absorption spectrum and compensate for environmental conditions, such as temperature and moisture. Die-cut and sized to fit specific equipment housing requirements, finished foams can be supplied with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive backings. Additionally, the Interstate Acoustical Foams can be custom-matched to medical OEM requirements. Line enclosures with sound absorbers typically reduce reverberant noise while barrier materials and composites can be used to block other unwanted noise. The foams are priced according to material construction and quantity. Price quotations and representative samples are available upon request.

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Dictation Package from Philips, Nuance

A recently introduced product bundle combines Philips’ Digital Voice Tracer 660 (DVT 660) recording device and the voice recorder edition of Dragon® NaturallySpeaking® 10, a speech recognition program from Nuance Communications. Bringing together quality recording hardware and accurate speech recognition software, the all-inclusive starter package is ideal for first-time digital speech processing users. The bundle allows users to record dictations on their DVT 660 and then have the recordings automatically transcribed with Dragon upon download to a computer. Philips DVT 660 includes high-sensitivity microphones and six recording modes, including voice recording in MP3 format, and it is equipped with 1 GB of storage capacity. Voice files recorded on the DVT 660 are downloaded into the program via USB and automatically transcribed. The package is now available for $139. Speech recognition is supported for English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Italian.

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UP-DF750 Mammography Film Imager from Sony

Addressing the growing needs of breast surgeons and women’s health facilities, Sony, New York, has released its FilmStation Mammography Film Imager, model UP-DF750, which is optimized for full-field digital mammography (FFDM) applications. Designed to help facilities meet Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) regulations, the UP-DF750 delivers speed, image quality, and flexibility in a compact footprint. According to Sony, the product yields high-resolution, 606 dpi images with a print time of 90 sheets per hour, using a high-resolution thermal printing system and blue thermal high-density film. A flexible configuration enables both vertical and horizontal positioning. Furthermore, its 1-minute warm-up time is ideal for surgical practices that may turn on a printer only as needed or switch often between soft and hard copy images. The new FilmStation imager features front-mounted controls and a built-in DICOM 3.0 interface and accepts film in multiple sizes. Automatic calibration provides consistent image quality.

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