Ambra Health, developer of a cloud-based, medical image management suite, announces the expansion of its partner-based Solution Directory to include healthcare technology companies CureMetrix, CuraCloud, and ImageBiopsy. Through its Solution Directory, Ambra has established a network of imaging partners, which allows providers to launch imaging artificial intelligence (AI) and analysis tools from the Ambra platform.

The Ambra Suite consolidates multiple imaging systems with one interoperable cloud platform that lets providers access imaging securely at any time. Layering new applications within Ambra Health produces advanced workflows, windows for research and development, and long-term improvements to patient care. New use cases include:

  • AI-powered breast imaging workflows with CureMetrix: CureMetrix technologies like cmTriage and cmAssist, integrated with Ambra Health, improve breast imaging workflows. cmTriage, the first FDA-cleared AI-based triage solution for mammography in the U.S, helps radiologists prioritize mammography worklists based on suspicious cases that may need immediate attention. Studies have shown that with cmTriage, radiologists can realize up to a 30% reduction in mammography reading time while supporting the overall practice to streamline workload.
  • Rapid detection of intracranial hemorrhage with CuraCloud: In trauma situations, there is no time to wasteCuraCloud develops software medical devices that can be used to detect and diagnose cardiovascular, neurological, and thoracic diseases. For example, CuraRad-ICH, CuraCloud’s FDA-cleared product, uses a deep learning algorithm to detect cases suspected with intracranial hemorrhage in seconds.
  • AI-driven knee osteoarthritis detection with ImageBiopsy: ImageBiopsy and Ambra Health automate the task of repetitive Knee OA detection and deliver standardized reports to referring physicians. KOALA (Knee OA Labeling Assistant) is a fully automated image processing software device intended to aid medical professionals in the measurement of standard joint space width parameters, as well as perform an assessment of OARSI grades for sclerosis, joint space narrowing, and osteophytes.

“We are proud to partner with these best-in-class technology providers to collectively improve both workflows for radiologists and patient outcomes,” says Andrew Duckworth, vice president of business development at Ambra Health. “By unlocking medical imaging data, we’re seeing how Ambra cloud technology can serve as the backbone of innovation for facilities of all sizes by layering on these new applications.”