vRad and AllegiantMD are joining forces to offer their local radiology services on a national scale. The organizations will combine resources to develop new informatics and analytics solutions.

“Analytics are no longer an option—they’re a requirement,” said Jim Burke, vRad’s CEO. “In value-based healthcare, you won’t get paid for quality if you can’t prove it. And you can’t prove it if you don’t measure it.”

“Because of our scale, we had to adapt sooner than most radiology practices,” Burke continued. “We spent the last two years creating data informatics tools because existing solutions in the marketplace did not provide the insight we needed. AllegiantMD shares our commitment to develop new methods to improve insight and make better decisions for our patients and the practice of radiology.”

vRad is a teleradiology provider serving more than 2,000 hospitals and will use its around-the-clock operations center and telemedicine distribution platform for the partnership. AllegiantMD, a hospital-based diagnostic and interventional radiology service provider, will act as the onsite diagnostic and interventional partner for vRad and AllegiantMD’s mutual clients.

“We are expanding our relationship with vRad to deliver faster, more efficient radiology services and new analytic tools and insight to more local communities across the US,” said Ellis Norsoph, president and CEO of AllegiantMD. “vRad shares our vision: as healthcare moves quickly towards an accountable care environment, radiology must become a strategic partner to be heard from, rather than a cost center to be managed.”