US Radiology Specialists is launching US Radiology Connexia, a new teleradiology organization aimed at providing remote work options for radiologists at different career stages.

As the demand for outpatient imaging grows across US Radiology’s network of physician practices and imaging centers, ensuring access to specialized radiologists becomes essential for maintaining high-quality patient care. Furthermore, the field of radiology is evolving as newer generations of physicians seek a work-life balance with remote and flexible options. Connexia addresses both the increasing need for outpatient imaging services and the desire for flexible work arrangements among radiologists.

Connexia offers radiologists an opportunity to achieve a better work-life balance while advancing in their careers, organizers say. It allows radiologists to work full-time or part-time schedules with a focus on subspecialized outpatient reading. The organization is committed to clinical quality, backed by a strong technology infrastructure and a connection to a national radiology entity.

Lindsay Muns, president of US Radiology Connexia, highlights the organization’s role in providing inclusive teleradiology opportunities to meet the growing physician demand at US Radiology. Muns says, “Connexia combines the advantages of teleradiology with a supportive professional community that values quality and collaboration. Our goal is to offer radiologists more choices and to attract and retain talented professionals in a competitive market.”

Moreover, Paul Taheri, MD, chief clinical officer at US Radiology, underscores the commitment to quality, stating: Connexia is grounded in a quality-focused approach, drawing from US Radiology’s experience. Radiologists are guided by a physician-led clinical governance framework, allowing them to deliver top-tier interpretations within their subspecialty while upholding high clinical standards. 

“This foundation positions Connexia as the preferred choice for radiologists shaping their careers,” Taheri adds.