Twisted Ceptors Corp., Altamonte Springs, Fla., announces new technology and services using its Mimic network that is enabling the secure transmission of mobile medical images and reports to providers, allowing physicians to quickly view diagnostic studies without patients leaving their homes.

Mimic has created a mobile radiology office by utilizing its MDrive “edge” technology that immediately sends studies and reports directly to the company’s vendor neutral archive. This new feature completely eliminates USB storage sticks, bulk data transfers, and incomplete study uploads. The Mimic social radiology network shares diagnostic images instantly. Using low-cost communication devices with financial-grade security and encryption, combined with 5G-capable network connectivity and the Mimic cloud, mobile imaging technologists can send the study to the physician before leaving their patient.

“We believe this sets us apart from any other vendor in this marketplace,” says Michael A. Muscato, founder. “To provide a totally free service that continues to support our mandate of improving patient care through cooperative sharing is a game changer.”