Zotec Partners has announced an exclusive billing partnership with Omnirad, a 12-member radiology practice in Mt. Clemens, Mich. Omnirad’s areas of expertise include pediatric radiology, diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, and interventional radiology.

“As payment responsibility continues to shift from payers to patients, we knew we needed a partner with sophisticated billing technology and people who are knowledgeable about our business,” said Karl Doelle, DO, president of Omnirad. “Zotec offered both, with unmatched personalized service. With Zotec as our billing provider, we are confident all charges will be handled to completion, and we will be efficiently compensated for services rendered.”

Zotec manages more than 70 million medical encounters in all 50 states. The company’s software are designed to reduce errors and increase efficiency in the medical billing process.

“Zotec offers advanced analytical tools to ensure less error and greater efficiency in our billing processes, with organized data to help us make informed business decisions,” said Tejas Dalal, MD, Omnirad’s director of medical billing and medical director of musculoskeletal imaging. “Zotec’s superior technology will play an integral role in how our group proactively manages its business, drills down into its data, and projects financial goals for future growth and sustainability.”

For more information, visit Zotec Partners.