OpenLoop Health’s acquisition of Imaging Panda to bring more comprehensive care to patients

OpenLoop Health announces its acquisition of Imaging Panda and the addition of a new diagnostic imaging support services. The acquisition reportedly expands OpenLoop’s portfolio of solutions.

“The acquisition of Imaging Panda and their easy-to-use portal allows us to offer an even more robust stack of care solutions for our clients and their patients,” OpenLoop CEO, Jon Lensing, shared. “It’s another step toward our mission of provider-centric services that bring unrivaled care to patients everywhere.”

According to OpenLoop leaders, the company is now offering its clients diagnostic imaging as an addition to its core support services. Providers can now order a variety of imaging including x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRIs in all 50 states through an online portal. The process is reportedly managed with the imaging center from scheduling to results finalization and automatically notifies the provider when results are ready to be reviewed

For more information about OpenLoop and Imaging Panda, visit the company websites.