According to Sectra, radiologists’ effectiveness often depends on their ability to efficiently support referring physicians. The company’s RSNA 2013 booth will focus on 5 key areas where its products can help radiologists provide excellent service. The company’s web forum, Sectra UserInfluence, will offer visitors the possibility to interact and discuss directly with Sectra developers and product managers about new features, current products, and long-term development projects. 

Diagnostic Imaging

Selling points for the most recent version of Sectra RIS/PACS include a complete PACS reporting module with voice recognition and server-based volume visualization with time-saving diagnostic tools for vessel analysis and bone segmentation. The systems are designed to shorten report turnaround times, enhance request and result distribution workflows, and improve communication and dialogue between radiology and referring units. 

Enterprise Image Management

Sectra Open Archive enables storage of medical images, film, and sound clips from nearly any source, providing a complete medical record that doesn’t compromise patient integrity. The latest version improves support for cardiology and endoscopy by enabling storage of file formats such as encapsulated PDFs and DICOM MPEG-4 videos.

Cross-enterprise workflow

According to the company, Sectra’s products and services help facilitate cooperation among hospitals by enabling efficient sharing and collaboration of both workload and competencies. Integrated workflows can facilitate more efficient use of resources, reducing lead times and improving diagnostic quality. 

Radiation dose monitoring

Sectra DoseTrack is a web-based dose monitoring solution that allows for monitoring of patient radiation doses to ensure that they are kept as low as possible. The system automatically collects, stores and monitors data from all connected modalities, facilitating efficient analysis. 

Business Analytics

Sectra DataWarehouse and a number of other analysis tools help streamline the radiology workflow by providing tools for monitoring the production and performance of PACS and RIS, including analyses of Key Performance Indicators.

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