In response to the House Energy & Commerce Committee’s recent Request for Information (RFI) regarding healthcare technology and device security challenges and opportunities, the Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) recently submitted formal comments emphasizing the necessity for all stakeholder collaboration to protect sensitive information.

“We feel strongly that digital connectivity is critical to today’s health care systems, and therefore it is incumbent upon all involved to proactively utilize existing protections, and take advantage of opportunities for collaboration to improve the cybersecurity of legacy medical devices,” says Patrick Hope, executive director of MITA.

The committee’s RFI provides an opportunity for the imaging community to share important lessons gleaned from recent industry research and ongoing security-improvement initiatives—most notably, the need for active collaboration across the sector.

“Manufacturers, health delivery organizations (HDOs), and third parties all must work together to guard against vulnerabilities across the operating environment,” MITA’s letter read in part. “Practical solutions must reflect the HDO environment and requires them to work with manufacturers to appropriately utilize the security information provided by manufacturers, government agencies, and other industry bodies to properly assess, architect, and maintain effective cybersecurity hygiene.”

Hope adds: “MITA stands ready to work with the committee and all stakeholders to address the threats of cybersecurity, while also protecting and preserving innovation.”