Los Angeles-based MedInformatix announces the launch of MI-BI, a new business intelligence tool providing interactive visualizations to help healthcare enterprises discover, decipher, and deliver key performance indicators and manage practice performance. The launch came at MISummit, an annual gathering of MedInformatix technology users taking place in Lake Tahoe. MI-BI is the latest product developed as part of MedInformatix’s signature software solution that is customizable across medical specialties and modalities.

“MI-BI is a data and analytics visualization tool we believe will bring real value to today’s busy healthcare practice,” says Chris Bruns, director of product development at MedInformatix. “Technology is supposed to be about making business more efficient and engaging, and that’s the driving force behind MI-BI. Healthcare practices will now be able to transform their business intelligence into a series of rich, interactive visuals for enhanced decision-making, either via desktop or mobile device preference.”

MI-BI integrates with a practice’s existing RIS or enterprise practice management architecture, providing staff the ability to generate a comprehensive series of ambulatory, radiology, billing, workforce productivity, scheduling, and other business intelligence reports. Reports are produced using the practice’s own data in a visually detailing way so administrative and clinical staff can assess the performance of various functions and make decisions how to continue or correct procedures to ensure practice efficiency and profitability.

“The data at our practice has come to life since we started using MI-BI,” says Erin Hundley, director of clinical IT at White’s Pediatrics in Dalton, Ga., a test site and early adopter to MI-BI. “Where we once just saw numbers, we now have access to dynamic content providing a whole new level of insight into appointments, revenue, staffing, and other enterprise functions that enable us to better manage our practice.”

“One of the things we hear often in our industry is that practices have tremendous amounts of data but have difficulty accessing and using it,” adds Bruns. “MI-BI continues our commitment to help clients turn data into actionable business intelligence so they can better serve their patients and grow their practice.”