Axis Web News 150303_ Digisonics SystemEmerson Hospital, of Concord, Mass., has adopted the Digisonics Structured Reporting System for its OB/GYN, vascular and general ultrasound studies. Using a Web-based add-on, staff can remotely access the Digisonics Structured Reporting Solution from anywhere at any time.


Through a DigiSync interface with the facility’s McKesson PACS, ultrasound reporting workflow will be streamlined. Users can launch the Digisonics structured reporting software directly from McKesson, and they can simultaneously review PACS images and edit worksheets and reports in Digisonics. Furthermore, a Report-to-PACS interface can export a PDF copy of the worksheet or report for viewing in the facility’s PACS.


Fostering an efficient digital workflow environment, additional DataLink and HL7 interfaces will streamline connectivity between Digisonics Structured Reporting System and Emerson Hospital’s incumbent systems. By integrating the solution with the hospital’s Philips ultrasound machines, patient demographics and measurements will be autopopulated, eliminating cumbersome manual entry and the potential for errors. Additionally, an HL7 interface connects the Digisonics system and Emerson’s Meditech EMR for Orders In.


According to Digisonics, the company’s structured reporting solutions feature high performance image review workstations, a powerful PACS image archive, an integrated clinical database, comprehensive analysis capabilities and highly configurable reporting for multiple modalities.

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